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Hi, my name is mel
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your blood is gushing down the stairs part 6

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By fluffy_ferret_101 Send DollMail
Created: 2013-06-26 05:54:19 All stories by fluffy_ferret_101
Chris came out of the closet and punched the lump of Kyle under my blanket. I heard Kyle groan. Then he rolled out of the side of the bed and onto the floor, where Chris kicked him. He was just about to stab Kyle when I shoved him to the floor.

That was a fatal mistake. As he fell, he had his knife pointed directly towards Kyle. Straight down. I didn't notice what I had done until Kyle screamed. It was a half- scream and then dead silence.

I saw blood creeping towards the wall. I screamed too and then Chris rose from the floor smiling. Chris had killed Kyle and it was all my fault!

"We wouldn't want him in the way, now would we?" Chris asked, the grin now larger than ever. His shirt and pants and partof his face were now completely covered in Kyle's blood. Then to both my and Chris's comeplete surprise, I jumped up and grabbed his knife.

"Give that back. We don't want anyone to get hurt now," Chris sounded scared, yet mildly confident that I was hurt enough to obey him. I wasn't. I tried to stab him, but he jumped back calmly. I just glared at him angrily.

"I'm going to end this. You killed Kyle. I'm going to kill you. No matter what. I am going to kill you," I said. But I didn't really believe myself.

To my surprise, he smiled and then started laughing. I noticed something shiny in his hand. It wasn't a gun. Then I noticed what I was holding. What I was holding was rubber and flimsy.

It might as well have been a playskool product. It was just about as useful as one. If not less...

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