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Hi, my name is mel
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your blood is gushing down the stairs part 4

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By fluffy_ferret_101 Send DollMail
Created: 2013-06-26 05:51:30 All stories by fluffy_ferret_101
"You're next," said the doctor, who I had nicknamed Chris because I didnt know his real name. Chris smiled. He looked like a vampire.

"I wouldnt be surprised if he WAS a vampire," I muttered, not really meaning to. His smile disappeared. But then he started smiley bigger than ever and then he laughed. I thought I saw vampire teeth.

"I'm not a vampire. That concussion must have messed up your brain," He said again and laughed evilly.

The doorknob started to rattle and it sounded like someone was trying to come in.

"I'm checking her head! I need quiet just in case I mess up or something happens!" Chris yelled to the person trying to open the door. The rattling stopped.

"I've lost all other human contact besides to you. I'm in trouble. If you're going to stab me, do it already!!" I yelled at Chris. The rattling started again and I gained my hope back. Chris was growling at me and the person started banging on the door. Chris wouldnt get off the bed to unlock it.

"Let me in!! The child is yelling about murder in there and I'm gonna call the cops if you don't let me in!!" yelled the person outside the door.

"The child has a concussion and her brain is messed up! She cant think straight! She is just talking nonsense and it doesnt mean anything. She is just fine in here," Chris said back to the nurse outside the door. I heard footsteps of high heels walking back down the hall and I knew she wasnt coming back.

There was a serial killer in the hospital, pretending to be a doctor, and he was going to kill me unless something really drastic happened. "He will kill me and nobody will even know it was him," I thought. I was scared.

" I'm not going to kill you... just yet. I have other plans for your perfect body first," Chris said. At first, I had no idea what he was talking about. But then it came to me. I started wishing he wanted to kill me first. He wanted to rappe me.

"Great, he's going to rappe me then kill me.... just like he did to that pretty nurse," I thought.

"Have you caught on?" he said, starting to smile at the look of horror on my face and he knew that I had.

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