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Hi, my name is mizuki
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the lovely winter

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By mizuki_buki Send DollMail
Created: 2014-01-21 18:21:01 All stories by mizuki_buki
CHAPTER 1!! LOVE IN FIRST SIGHT;. once there was a girl named mizuki. it was winter break and she was out of school.

she went outside and played with her 2 dogs that really loved each other. since her parents were away and she had to stay over her grandmothers house until they came back,the only living things she could talk to or play with was her dogs,choco and night owl. she was very popular in school. and she lived in a huge penthouse. her parents were very rich. her mother was a fashion desighner and a singer, her father was an actress and owned his own studio for his wife and daughter. mizuki loved her life but when her parents r gone its terrible for her. while mizuki was outside she saw a cute boy with black silver silk hair, beautiful blue eye's and his skin tone was like a peach color. all of a suden he came up to her and said "hi im tomukunay,whats ur name?" "oh.. me?" said mizuki. "yeah u " in one secound as soon as tomukunay started talking she blushed. "oh" said mizuki she was in her days and forgot all about the question. "what did u say again?" tomukunay said" wats ur name?" then tomukunay laughed. "hm oh my name's mizuki" out of nowhere tomukunay shouts and says "OH!! ur that rich girl that everyone talks sbout" right after that mizuki stop blushing by the talkitive things that he had said. tomukunay noticed her faced and relized that affended her. "whats wrong?" tomukunay said "nothing" mizuki said with a sad face and turned her head.

to be continued.... on JANURARY 23

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