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Hi, my name is bella
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By beachcutie Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2013-08-24 12:53:46 All stories by beachcutie
Hi my name is Bella I live on 485 pink street I have two sisters Della and Ella I am 18 years old my favorite color is pink my favorite music is pink I also work at cafe color I really want to become a popstar I will be going on Americas got talent next week usually I,m pretty happy my sister Della is 16 and my sister Ella is 13 Della lives on 257 blue hills and Ella lives with her Della,s favorite color is blue and Ella,s is purple my friends name is Sammy she lives on 536 pink street and shes 19 my birthday is Feb 14th the day of valentines day Della,s is December 25 the day of Christmas and Ella,s is October 31 the day of halloween for my birthday we pass out valentines and presents on Della,s birthday its like normal Christmas but theres a party afterward and on Ella,s birthday we go trick-or-treating and then have a party all of us go to color crew academy my teacher is Mr. Wierd Della,s teacher is Mrs. Sweet and Ella,s teacher is Mrs.Spicy well I think that,s all about me bye for now

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