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Hi, my name is Emily the Strange
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Wanna Lick?-8

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By chibichan_93 Send DollMail
Created: 2013-03-17 16:38:40 All stories by chibichan_93
Part 8

May 21, 2009

So back to Luke avoiding me.

It's been two days since that amazing kiss in the hotel and two days that Luke's been avoiding me. The first day I could understand, but by the second I was at the edge of my point. So that's why I came up with the plan to apologize when the right time presented it.

We just finished dining at iHop, I still have certain tastes, when I chose now or never.

"Luke," the sound of my voice must have startled him causing him to spin around," I'm sorry." Confusion took over his features.

"I would like to apologize for two nights ago." Comprehension worked it's way into his smoldering green eyes.

As I said before I'm not one to apologize, ever. But if I do say so that was the best one I've ever came up with. My inner egos high-five each other. Before he even had the chance to open his mouth my legs carried me with what must have been that new vampire strength outside.

Never thought that when I finally got my first kiss, I'd have to apologize then later run away. Funny how things never turn out as you'd have imagined they would. But then again, I notice a shadow next to mine could feel the near presence of someone behind me. The shadow reaches up grabbing my shadows arm and spoke.

"I should be the one apologizing. I just didn't want-"

"It's fine. You weren't interested and I respect that. So can we pleaze just stop with the freaking excuses-" This time I was the one cut off. This time I let it slide. His mouth was urgent and hungry against mine. The excitement from two days ago refilled my every ounce of being and screaming. His arms enveloped around me, pulling me closer, and I wrapped both arms around his neck. When we both were ready to pull back for air, his eyes held mine. This is how last time should have been. How a first kiss should be.

"I'm the one that should be sorry, for just blowing you off completely. I just wasn't sure how'd you'd react." I could see him blushing just a tad-bit. "Now, if I remember correctly we have somewhere we need to be." With a twist in his smile his fingers interloped with mine.

Score! Me: 1. Life: 0.

"Look out Portsville Vamps. There's a new vamp in town!" Hell yeah! I fist pump in the air as I warn the world and watch the scenery move past me like a movie. So far this movie is the best one Iíve ever seen.

Signed out,


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