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Hi, my name is Emily the Strange
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Wanna Lick?-6

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By chibichan_93 Send DollMail
Created: 2013-03-17 16:35:15 All stories by chibichan_93
Part 6

May 19, 2009

So here I sit openly ecstatic in the passenger seat of his jeep that I never did get to ride in that night I met him. In my head I couldn't help but almost sing out loud 'Alfie, by Lily Allen'(f.y.i. only one of the world's best songs in the world). It just also happens to be my theme song for whenever I'm in a good mood despite the odd lyrics, like now. Of course, I was well aware of the far-from-being-ugly guy next to me.

"So, where we headed to?" My voice of course sounded as happy as my mood. I watched as the corners of Luke's mouth raised and some pretty inappropriate images flashed through my thoughts before he spoke breaking my concentration.

"There's a great cafe in Portsville." Clearly he had to yanking my chain. You can say Im stereotyping vampires but a cafe? That's just. . . .weird.

"A cafe? I thought vampires don't drink coffee or eat?" Amused by this he chuckles, which quickly turns into hysterical laughing. Normally I'd get pis$ed someone was laughing at me but I was too worried about my safety in a car with someone who's laughing and not paying attention as the driver. But I should have known, vampire equals better driving.

I guess it is true that vampires are better at everything than humans. Waiting for the laughing to die down my gaze followed the white line on the road.

"Sorry. Looks like with you my years of boredom are soon to be over." I didn't know whether to take this as a compliment meaning he doesn't mind me after all or be insulted meaning he thinks I'm an annoying kid. "To answer your question, no vampires don't drink coffee or eat." I glowered at him.

"The cafe is just a faux. Anyone can go there but in the back is a door that leads to a club. Vampires only. There are plenty of spots like this."

"Nifty. I'd never have guessed it. But shouldn't you be, uh, 'teaching' me instead of taking me out clubbing. Not that I mind." Trust me, if it were science or history or any of that worthless junk, Id choose clubbing any day, but the chance to learn about being a vampire I'm all up for that. Luke must have sensed my eagerness to learn and the sound in his voice hinted that he was excited to teach me. I wouldn't mind this either.

"Soon enough, but first there's someone we have to meet." I'm not sure why but my heart seemed skip a beat when he said 'we' but then i forgot that when i noticed the edginess of meeting that someone. Hmm, maybe the ring leader? Or would boss be the correct term? Like in the mob. Heck, maybe even a queen or king.

Heyz, I gots to go. Even the writer and heroines need a bathroom break every now and then.

Check in a bit,


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