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Hi, my name is Me
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The worst day of my life.(true storie)

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Created: 2005-11-08 22:06:29 All stories by
December something,My mom woke me and my sister up.She told us Daddy needed to go to the doctor...

"ugh..."i groaned,My 6 year old body ached from no sleep.My sister lay beside me Faaast asleep.She was a mear 3.We went to the hospital and my mom parked the car next to the entrance to the ER.She helped my dad run in...

Febuary 11.

Daddy was still in the hospital,my sister was turning 4.He came and celabrated with us like normal.It was a wonderfull day,it made me feel like he would get better.

March 7th.

I started to cry,my mom came up to me,"whats wrong?" i replyed through my sobs,"Im scared daddy might die!"she gave a short laugh and said,"Daddy is going to get all better,i promise."my dad had promised the same thing...

March 21st.

My birthday,i turned 7,I was happy.I went to see ET with my dad and mom,and went shopping too!

March 28th..

I was sleeping in my mom's bed,i had a nightmare my dad died,i woke up with a smile,"Hi mo- whats wrong?!"i yelled as she was crying," dead.."she said still crying,I started to cry to,We all cryed when i told my sister..

April 1.

My Poor Bunny dies..I think of it as a sign of how mutch my bunnie and daddy loved me and eachother...

End... father died when i was 7.

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Posted On: November 14, 2005
Im Sorry

Coalville, UT
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Posted On: November 8, 2005
sorry im not typing good right know because im crying

Coalville, UT
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Posted On: November 8, 2005
omg i know a everyone says that sad but it truely is

im so so sorry.

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