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Hi, my name is Gelly Bean
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The Joy Ride

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Created: 2004-12-17 01:53:04 All stories by
I used to be pretty, but now i'm not,

And i laughed-but i don't anymore.

And i loved to dance, but how do you dance

When there's anly one leg for the floor?

Now drinking and driving was not my concern,

For liquor was not for me.

But what was the harm in a six pack with friends?

The danger i could not see.

Now getting drunk was a stupid thing,

But what harm in a little high,

And a ride in a car with your friends and your peers?

If it's wrong i don't see why.

We were driving too fast and i asked him to stop,

But what laughed and his speech was slured,

And he said he was great at the wheel of a car

Just as we entered the curve.

We left the foad at a terrible speed,

With his vision too blured to see,

And down the bank wiht a horrible roar,

And, My God! there's a tree!

The doctors were great and they saved my life,

And i hate it because they did.

For what good is life with a scared up face,

And only one leg, to a kid?

I used to be pretty, but now i'm not

And i'm as bitter as can be,

But not at the world, for it's not their fault,

I did this all to me.

I don't want your pitty; it's too late for that

But before you go too far,

Reflect on the story you've read from me,

Of a six pack, a kid, and a car.

*this is a true story-R.I.P.*

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United Kingdom
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Posted On: July 12, 2009
thats so sad but it's great 5*
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