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Hi, my name is samantha
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THE KILLER (part two)

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Story Rating   4.24  with 21 vote(s)
Created: 2005-01-06 16:09:32 All stories by
well if you have read the first book we now only

have becky, megan, jordan and me.

"what was that?" i asked i had saw somthing run past the door

and i knew he was hiding behind the door." pretend to be asleep!!!"

there were footsteps coming slowly towards us we were

all scared, something quickly had came and was looking in my face

i could sense it. it touched me with its cold, dark and bony hand.

he then got out a rope and went for megan who was sleeping next to

me. and of course she died.

well us three were all scared and jordan said" i will be next, im the only boy!"

it was true, later the thing ws back and put put his index finger on his head,

to make it worse, it was like he was dying in slow motion. it was and

becky were left and all of a sudden the lights went of. power cut. i tried my mobile that aimee had hid in her pocket. i knew because i saw it hanging out. " i will save us look ive found a phone," i dialed th police, " no signel. as if it was worse enough,

the door locked and the window slammed shut we couldnt move we were two scared.

some thing touch becky she screamed i slapped what is was.

my hand went blue and stung a lot, some thing is there i feel it watching me...

end of part two, next there will be part three. the end. then i will make one called the black star. please rate this 5 star then i can have some more efort to write on the black star! if i get worse thana 3 you wont get an ending or the black star

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