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Hi, my name is Hazelrah
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Rise of the Guardians

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By hillipera Send DollMail
Created: 2013-07-25 23:07:54 All stories by hillipera
Hazelrah was oldest of the three guardian sisters. After her sister was taken, Hazel went to live with her grandfather in the mountains and was trained a warrior. She was very good at what she did and because of her guardian power, she was stronger and faster than most men. Her blood was also gold, and though it was rarely seen, she bled slowly and healed quickly making her hard to kill. At 21 she was assigned a young teenager to protect. The boy, Leo lived outside the large city of Fray, known for its battles to the death. He was chosen to go up against the great beast Rhinack (half rhino, bear, and tiger) as a small farmer boy he was strong but not a fighter and was about to die when Hazel jumped into the ring and quickly slayed the beast with a large sword that most men could never carry. She took Leo away from the city telling him he had a mission, one where she was supposed to protect him along. So they went off on an adventure fighting dwarves, dark men, and giant wolves. Hazel though that Leo's mission was to stop the Tameretts, so they invaded their fortress, saving a dark haired princess Tatiana, who Leo fell in love with, and Hazel's sisters, Aurora. Thinking the mission complete Hazel left Leo, slightly heart broken, to go and save her sister from the dark side. There she found herself less powerful and was captured and set to be executed. At the last moment Aurora came to her senses and allowed Hazel to leave, but the dark king was angry with this and began to fight in a battle with Hazel. She was thrown to the ground, but before he could kill her, Leo came and saved Hazel though her was stabbed. Angry Hazel gained power and chopped off the head of the dark king. She sat next to Leo's body crying realizing that his mission the whole time was to actually protect her. Aurora's decided to give Leo the life she still had left, but in return was left with only darkness. Hazel and Leo ran away as Aurora remained to lead her country as the nightmare queen. Hazel and Leo lived happily together, raising twins and protecting people of the land.

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