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Hi, my name is Lee K.
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Oh, To Be Young Again {One-Shot}

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By LeeWolf10 Send DollMail
Created: 2011-06-05 22:34:04 All stories by LeeWolf10
The things we talk about in AviChat. I swear. XD

Dolls in order: Lee, Erin, and Shannon


9.00 a.m. - Getting off the buses

“Lee stop being an icky-face and get off the bus!”

“No! I don’t wanna!”

Shannon stomped her foot and pouted as she glared at the door to the bus. Well, it was as much of a glare as a five-year-old could manage. She blew a piece of hair away from her face and pointed at Lee. “Get off the bus! Ms. Angelfish isn’t gonna be too happy when she doesn’t see you in the school!”

Lee stuck out her tongue, standing on the last step of the bus. She crossed her little arms across her black t-shirt and shook her head, her brown hair flying around her face. “No, Shannon! There are boys in there! They have…” Her voice lowered to a whisper as her brown eyes grew wide. “…cooties.”

Erin rolled her own eyes and put her hands on her hips. “You better get your butt off of that bus or I’m not sharing my apple juice with you at lunch time!”

“You never do!” Lee tucked her hands into the pockets of her denim skirt and eyed Erin warily. “At least share your animal crackers. I like naming them after my enemies before I eat them.”

“Fine.” Erin and Shannon watched as Lee hopped off of the last stair of the bus and skipped over to them, little sneakers hitting the sidewalk. She clutched her Beauty and the Beast backpack and wrinkled her nose. “I can smell the cooties from here. Ew.”

“Be quiet, sissy-face.” Shannon turned around, her purple dress swirling around her knees and her Batman backpack hanging on her shoulders. “Come on. I wanna get the table in the back of the room so we can work on our plans to take over the world.”

Lee nodded and followed Shannon. Erin grabbed her Buzz Lightyear backpack and hurried after them, her own little tennis shoes padding against the ground. She straightened her blue t-shirt and darker blue skirt before speaking up. “I brought the crayons, McSpatula,” she said, referring to the codenames they used for their taking-over-the-world plans. “The pink one’s broken though. McLunatic broke it.”

“Cuz pink is the color of sissies.” Lee nodded as though she was right. “We’re gonna be the leaders of the world. We need to look tough.”

Shannon snorted. “Yeah, as tough as a Caliasian, freaky girl, and girl who secretly likes Jeff can be.”

“Wh-what?! I don’t like Jeff!” Erin stuttered, pushing her glasses up on her face. When they passed by Jeff, she quickly pushed him into a puddle. “See? I don’t like him!”

9.10 a.m. - Settling into class

When the three girls got to the table in the back, they sat down and put their backpacks by their chairs. Lee pulled out a spiral notebook and flipped it open to a page of a crudely-drawn planet Earth, different colors scribbled all over it. “We still have to figure out what we’ll do with the animals at the zoo,” Lee told her friends. “I still say we set them loose on everyone.”

“Shh. Not so loud, McLunatic,” Shannon warned. “The other agents will have to be noted of this.” She glanced around the room, spying all the other people in on their world domination plans. She spotted Sabrina, Sore, Em, and Evily mingling around the tiny bookshelf, whispering to one another. Debbie, Peggie, and Toni were sitting at their table, drawing pictures in their own notebooks. Sky laughed with Tink, Tiffy, Andi, and Allora over stuff only little kids like them would find funny.

Sabrina caught Shannon’s eye and hustled over to them, Sore, Em, and Evily following her. Shannon huffed. “McSweetheart, all accounted for?”

Sabrina nodded. “McSparrow, McElegance, and McEasterAlmond are here with me,” she said, pointing to Sore, Em, and Evily in turn. “The others are scattered around the classroom, keeping the icky boys away.”

“Good job.” Shannon pointed to the paper. “McLunatic suggested releasing all the zoo animals when we take over. Agreed?”

“Agreed, McSpatula!” Sore placed a fresh pack of crayons on their table. “This is for you, McLunatic, and McEnchilada. We stole it from that Jeff kid.”

“Not Jeff!” Erin cried, her eyes going wide with horror.

All the girls stared at Erin, who blinked a few times. “Uh, I mean, icky! Jeff cooties!” She grabbed a crayon from the box and chucked it at Jeff’s head as he sat with Monty and Danny. “Take that stinky-face!”

Ms. Angelfish, the teacher, came into the room with a smile on her face. Her curly blonde hair fell to her shoulders and her blue eyes glittered. “Hello, class! How are we this morning?”

“Good,” the class chimed as those who haven’t found their seats scurried to find them. Lee quickly grabbed the notebook and shoved it into her backpack.

Ms. Angelfish nodded happily. “That’s very good, class! Is there anything that happened yesterday that you’d like to share?”

Lee’s hand shot into the air. She waved it around frantically, nearly falling out of her seat. “Ms. Angelfish! Ms. Angelfish, I have something to say!”

“Alright, Lee. Do share.”

Lee blinked at Ms. Angelfish with innocent eyes. “Last night, I got up to get a cup of water. And I stopped to look and see if my mommy and daddy were in their room and not captured by ninjas. Well they were wrestling and making funny noises. It was kinda weird. And I asked them the next morning what they were doing and they said they was playing Twister. How come we don’t play Twister like that?”

10.00 a.m. - Coloring

Ms. Angelfish finished passing out the paper and crayons. “Alright, class. I want you all to draw pictures of what you want to be when you grow up. A doctor or a firefighter or even a policeman! Whatever you want.”

Shannon, Erin, and Lee immediately got to work, putting crayon to paper and coloring different shapes in different colors. Erin accidentaly dropped her blue crayon and got out of her chair to pick it up.

At that exact moment, Jeff dropped his red crayon and went to go find it. Coincidentally, it had landed right next to Erin’s.

As Erin stooped down to pick it up, Jeff did the same. They looked up quickly, their eyes meeting. Erin smiled and Jeff grinned, reaching for her hand.

“Erin! Get away from that boy!” Lee called, glaring fiercely over at the two. Her little fist was curled around a black crayon. “He’ll infect you!”

Erin gasped and grabbed her crayon quickly, standing back up. “What boy?” she asked, pushing Jeff into a pile of stuffed animals. “I don’t see any boy.” She hurried back to her table and continued drawing, Lee giving her suspicious glances from time to time.

Ms. Angelfish walked around the room, looking at everyone’s pictures. “Erin, what did you draw?” she asked kindly.

Erin held up her piece of paper. Ms. Angelfish blinked a few times at the drawing. “What am I seeing here, dear?”

“Pssh. You don’t see it?” Erin rolled her eyes. “It’s me in my room. With people living in the walls, behind the furniture, and in the closet.” She pointed toward what looked like a window. “That’s my favorite part. It’s people burning outside with skulls piled on top of one another.”

“How…lovely, Erin.” Ms. Angelfish gave her a half-smile before going over to Shannon. “And how about you, dear?”

Shannon pointed to her picture. “It’s me writing a story.”

Ms. Angelfish sighed in relief. “That’s wonderful! What kind of story?”

Shannon then directed her finger to the people in the little thought bubble. “Of people doing drugs and killing each other illegally, then smoking and getting others pregnant.” She gave Ms. Angelfish a serious stare. “It’s my lifelong dream to write about people like that.”

After an awkward silence, Ms. Angelfish slowly inched her way over to Lee. “And you, Lee? What do you have?”

Lee grinned and held up her paper. “When I grow up, I wanna escape an asylum and become legally crazy! Then I’m gonna live in Erin’s closet!” She pointed toward herself in the picture. “That’s me with my baby son. He’s gonna be a turtle named Clarence. I also set the asylum on fire. How cool will this be?”

After that, Ms. Angelfish didn’t ask anyone else what they were drawing.

11.00 a.m. - Show and Tell

Monty stepped up to the front of the room, blinking his olive green eyes and smiling in an innocent yet suspicious way. He had a bag next to him and was rocking back and forth on his heels impatiently. “My show and tell is my best friend Sparky,” he said, his smile turning into a large grin. “We’ve been great friends for a while now.”

“Aw, is Sparky a stuffed animal, Monty?” Ms. Angelfish asked, giving him an encouraging smile.

“Even better.” Monty pulled out a flamethrower and hugged it. “I stole it from the neighbors. We were destined to be friends ever since.”

Ms. Angelfish’s eyes grew wide as Monty put the flamethrower back and walked back to sit on the floor next to Lee. Lee’s eye twitched but she didn’t say anything. “Alright, who is next?” Ms. Angelfish called out.

Debbie skipped up to the front of the room, her face bright and cheerful. “I brought Idris to visit everyone!” she said excitedly, patting the air to her left. “He wanted to come see where I go every day! Say hi to Idris!”

Ms. Angelfish shook her head. “Debbie, I’ve already told everyone that imaginary friends don’t count as show and tell pieces.”

“Idris isn’t an imaginary friend, Ms. Angelfish! He’s real!” Debbie turned her adorably determined face to everyone. “You can all see Idris, right?”

“I see him!”

“I do, too!”

“Can I give him a hug?”

“He should come here every day!”

Ms. Angelfish shook her head again. “Sit down, Debbie. Imaginary friends don’t count.”

Debbie huffed and walked back to her seat with Idris. “She can’t see you because she’s an icky adult, Idris. Don’t worry.”

Lee got up next, dragging her backpack next to her. She stopped at the front of the room and took on a serious face. “My friends, I am about to show you the true face of evil. Beware. This might make some of you cry. So be careful.” She unzipped her backpack and took a step back.

Out of her backpack appeared a fuzzy baby weasel. It looked around the room carefully before turning to give Lee a questioning look. “This,” Lee spoke, “will be the world’s greatest enemy when we are all older. Take a good look at the new face of terror. He will always be known as the Weasel.”

The Weasel tilted his head before scurrying across the room and jumping out the open window. Lee gasped and shouted, “No! Now he has been released into the world! What have I done?” She fell to the floor dramatically, clutching her heart. “I have unleashed doom upon us all.”

Ms. Angelfish stopped show and tell after that. Even as Erin wished to show off the dog she had smuggled to school and Shannon wished to tell the kids of the illegal drugs she had found next to some guy sleeping in the alley.

12.00 - Recess

Shannon, Erin, and Lee all sat in a circle outside under a shaded tree. Lee had pulled out the notebook again and Shannon was marking areas with a grape-scented marker. “Here…here…and here,” she instructed, placing purple Xs on the paper. “That’s where we’ll send the people who refuse to join us.”

“HI SHANNON!” Someone called from across the playground. Shannon looked up and waved to Danny. He grinned before turning back to Monty and Jeff.

Lee gave Shannon a stern look. Shannon blinked rapidly. “Uh…he was only saying hi. Boys are icky!”

Lori hustled by them then, her grey eyes filled with annoyance. Behind her, Aiden followed, smiling like there was nothing wrong. “Aiden, go away!” Lori yelled, spinning around. “Seriously! You’re weird!”

“You wanna go play on the swings, Lori?” he asked, holding out his hand. “It’ll be fun! I’ll push you!”

Lori merely tripped him and walked past him. “Dummy,” she muttered. Aiden simply got up and ran after her again.

Sam was busy trying to chop down a tree with a plastic baseball bat. In fact, he had been working on chopping down that exact tree every day since the first day of kindergarten. “I think it’s about to fall!” he called to Shannon, Erin, and Lee. “You just wait! It’ll fall! Almost there!”

Dylan sat next to Zack, who was reading a Dr. Seuss book by a tree. Dylan scrunched up his face as he stared at the pictures. “Hey Zack? Why’d you color all the pictures black?”

Zack simply blinked as he turned the page. “Talking cats with hats shouldn’t be wasting their time trying to cheer up two kids on a lovely rainy day. He should be going around and using his strange powers to strike fear into everyone and kill them all, making the streets run red with blood.”

Dylan didn’t talk to Zack after that.

“Erin!” Lee yelled, flicking her friend’s arm. “Stop staring at Jeff! He’s the enemy!”

“What? I’m not staring at Jeff!” Erin jumped up, ran over to said boy, and pushed him in another conveniently placed puddle. She ran back to the girls and sat down. “See? He’s icky!”

Lee rolled her eyes and continued looking over the map. Monty came over and handed Lee a piece of paper that was burnt around the edges. Grinning, he said in a slightly shy voice, “This is for you.”

Lee took the paper as Monty ran off to go play with the lighter Danny had snuck into school. Shannon and Erin peered over her shoulder. “What is it?” Shannon asked, squinting to get a better look.

“It’s a picture of a heart burning,” Lee said, confused. “I don’t get it.”

“Ew! Monty likes you!” Erin shouted. Shannon gasped and went wide-eyed.

“What? No!” Lee stuck her nose in the air indignantly and folded the piece of paper up, tucking it into her skirt pocket. “He can’t! Boys have cooties that turn us into zombies!”

“Then why are you keeping it?” Shannon asked suspiciously.

“To put it in my special box when I get home. His DNA is on it so if we need to, we can track him and use him as a spy.” Lee shrugged. “Can’t believe you guys didn’t think of that one.”

Shannon and Erin nodded, understanding, and went back to the map. All was as it should be as Lori kicked Aiden, Sam tried to cut down the tree, Dylan ate glitter glue, Zack colored in more pictures, Danny and Monty lit a tree on fire, Jeff stared at Erin from afar, and all the other girls swarmed Debbie to talk to Idris.

Then Lee spoke up. “Guys? I just thought of the greatest question ever.”

“What is it?” Erin and Shannon asked, glancing up from the map.

“If your car got stuck in the middle of a river, how many pancakes would it take to cover a doghouse?”


Erin's picture she drew for coloring time:

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Liberty Farms, CA
All My Stories
Posted On: June 26, 2014
cute story

Mechanicsville, MD
All My Stories
Posted On: August 11, 2012

Mechanicsville, MD
All My Stories
Posted On: August 11, 2012
I love it ^-^

I love it ^-^

I love it ^-^





All My Stories
Posted On: June 23, 2012
You are amazing. I laughed so hard and everyone kept checking on me wondering what the heck was going on. I loved it.

Stevensville, MD
All My Stories
Posted On: June 8, 2012
why did all the code name start with Mc...?

All My Stories
Posted On: March 27, 2012
Hiya guys!!!!! pls read my story...


All My Stories
Posted On: January 24, 2012
Lol Ms.angelfish.Cute name ^w^ anyways it was a great but also funny story.

Royal, TN
All My Stories
Posted On: October 14, 2011

All My Stories
Posted On: August 20, 2011



Norridge, IL
All My Stories
Posted On: August 19, 2011
OMG. I'm sitting in my room, trying SOO hard not to laugh so mom and dad don't think Im mental. SQUEEE!! I loved it! My favorite comment; "I'm writing about people doing drugs, killing people and getting girls pregnant." Lol, -pew pew-


All My Stories
Posted On: June 6, 2011
XD Lee I love you! You're too great! To great!

Kindergarteners are funny XP

Someday you must write more like this XD

~You're to awesome!

I can't even express my love for you right now.

You've made my day!


Zionsville, IN
All My Stories
Posted On: June 6, 2011
Lee, have I mentioned lately that I love you? XD. Cause you're a genius and I absolutely do.

And you had Idris in it. XDDD This whole thing was wonderful and very funny. Makes my first day of Summer Semester a little brighter.


All My Stories
Posted On: June 6, 2011
I read this last night on my phone and laughed a lot. xD Especially the drawing part.

All My Stories
Posted On: June 6, 2011
THIS WAS AMAZING! JUST BLOODY AMAZING! Perhaps we should all return to kindergarten more often?!

"No! Now he has been released into the world! What have I done? I have unleashed doom upon us all.”

I'm with Allora on this one. We'd drive any kindergarten teacher into the loony bin if we were all together in one class. Oh the things we could do...-stars off into space dreamily-


All My Stories
Posted On: June 6, 2011
I seriously think I just pxssed my pants.

I laughed, I cried, and I totally wish that this was more than a one-shot. Your imagination is just so ridiculously amazing... gaaahhh I love this. Especially since I have a cameo XD

Favorite parts: well, that would be me copying and pasting the whole thing into this box, but my FAVORITE favorite parts are Idris (oh how I miss him) and “If your car got stuck in the middle of a river, how many pancakes would it take to cover a doghouse?”

Oh, Lee, you made my day XD I freaking love you.


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