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Hi, my name is Thanatos
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I Don't Have Time To Die

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By flying_waffles Send DollMailSend EmailICQAIMYIM
Created: 2013-03-18 01:00:33 All stories by flying_waffles
This is the second part to Nothing Satisfies Me But Your Soul. I have no idea what I'm doing, I just had this idea one day about a succubus and a king that strikes a deal with her; follow his every command, be one of his many wives, bare his children, and then when her job is done, she eats his soul and devours his heart.


I need extensive therapy .-.


It had been almost a year since he had taken his six-teenth wife; a vivacious, seductive creature with pale skin and hair darker than a raven's plumage. Her brilliantly green eyes were lined with long, black lashes, and her lips were like blood painted on snow. She always wore the colour black. No one knew why, but it suited her perfectly.She had rather large bre'asts, which only off set the curve of her waist and hips. In the dead silence of night, her lovely voice could be heard echoing off the stone walls and down every corridor, through every room. She only sang at night, for she slept all through the morning into the late afternoon. The servants rarely caught a glimpse of her; she forbade them to dress her, or even come near her. The king said it was because she was too proud of a woman to be waited on hand and foot.

The other wives despised her. Either for her beauty, or for the fact she clung to her husband as if she would fall without him next to her. During feasts or speeches, she was by his side, smiling faintly, gazing at him with admiration and desire. And afterwards, she always led him away up to their chambers, as he followed like a dog being led by its master. His staff laughed for hours on end about this, saying that he was a slave to her feminine wiles. And then the more curious would venture up the many floors to his chambers, putting their ears to the door and trying to look through the key-hole. They were never disappointed by what they observed, and this gave them all the more reason to laugh at him later.


IIIIIII haaave nooo idea what I am doing. I'll wait for it to come to me later, don't worry. I just needed to vomit some words at you to get an idea of what to do with this thing,



Tia (:

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