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Hi, my name is Hunter
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Created: 2004-12-11 14:34:59 All stories by
One day on Dollie Drive Hunter and her friend Izzy were walking home from school . "Did you hear what Katelin did to day ?",Izzy said with a grin on her face ."No,what did she do ? Did she glue Lori to her seat again or take Chris's and Drake's lunch money ?" "Not this time ! This time she ..... HELPED Sona with a art project !",said Izzy as she contiued to gossip ."HELPED.ART? That is so weird ! That cant be true !",Hunter said astonished. "It' sreally true I seen it happen !" Izzy said nodding her head . They talked about the weird happenings around school all the way to Hunter's house. "Okay,well,I'll call you later okay ? bye !" Hunter said as she walked in to the house . Everytime she stepped into her house chaos was eruppting so she took a deep breath and opened the door . Luckly no one was home because other wise Alex (the younger brother) would have poured chocolate on her head or rolled a bowling ball at her leg . She walked into her room tossed her purple Ashlee Simpson backpack to corner of the room and jumped up on her bed . She grabbed her diary and started to write ........

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Posted On: March 27, 2012
HI! pls read:fairy kuipa!!! pls rate and comment!!!

and this story is good
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