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Hi, my name is Sakura
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Finding Love 2

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Story Rating   5  with 3 vote(s)
Created: 2005-08-30 16:34:03 All stories by
"whats a car?"i asked. "huh,you're kidding me, right? you don't know what a car is." he said trying not to laugh. I started to blush. "oh, sorry you really don't know what a car is do you?" he said with wonder. "no" i mumbled. "That's a car its a machine that gets you from place to place" he points at the blue blurr speeding by. "How about we go get some thing to eat and we can talk." he said with a smile. "that'd be good" i said feeling a little less confused.

We walked to a near building and sat at a table. "hey want some coke and cheese fries because I get a deal if i order two of that." he said smirking. "ok." i said trying not to let him know i have no clue what a coke and cheese fries are. "great, hey excuse me sir um excuse me" a man in black and white tured around. "what would you like?" he said with an odd accent. "We would like two cokes and two orders of cheese fries." kyo said cheerfully. Looking at kyo I decided hes the one I've been looking for hes cute, nice, and charming but I'll wait a while before I ask him. "kyo?" i said qietly. "yes?"he looked at me. "do you like me?"I asked. "I like you so far it must be love at first sight." he startedto smile.

To be continued.....

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