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Hi, my name is Angeline
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By rubberduckiesofdoom Send DollMailSend EmailVisit WebsiteAIMYIM
Created: 2005-08-16 21:56:19 All stories by rubberduckiesofdoom
This is set in the past so don't get confused!

Angeline Manchester was in love. She knew it wasn't right but she couldn't help it. Her dad was a very wealthy man. He owned a farm that helped bring in even more money, plus it helped give people jobs. Angelina was in love with a farm hand named Jerimiah. He worked closer to the house thatn other workers. That's how she met him. He was working in the stable when sheto see her horse Chester. They talked for a while when he was working. She was in love came by the end of the night. They shared many interests, such as reading, and listening to the chamber orchestra, at the family banquets. He was a aspiring artist, but sold few paintings because of his lack of wealth.

They knew they couldn't love each other but they were secretly getting together in the stables. But one day her father realized what was going on and tried to find out a litle more about Jerimiah. Angeline had noth idea at her father was doing this. He said that he needed her to take care of some land he had recently bought. He lied. Jerimiah had luekemia. He was angry at his daughter for liying to him but he couldn't let her get hurt like that.

Angelina had been living on her own for about a year, often thinking about what had happened to Jerimiah. She wondered if he had left the farm or not. One day, she heard a knock at her door. She answered and it was Jerimiah!

" Jer!" Angeline burst out. "Wow, I can't belive that you're here!"

"Hello. Your father has told me to fetch you and bring you to him." Jerimiah said blankly. Angeline wasn't sure of what to think, but she was so glad to see him that she followed him. they got on her father's horse Harold and rode to her father's home. she held onto his waist and discovered that he was very cold.

"Jer, you're so cold!" Angeline said. "Here, take my bandana." Jerimiah took her bandana and wrapped it around his head. About a half an hour later they arrived at the Manchester home.

Angeline jumped off her horse and ran to her front door. She was eager to see her family again.

"Daddy!" She yelled when her father answered the door.

"Angeline, why are you here?" Her father asked her.

"Jerimiah said that you sent for me. Aren't you happy to see me?" Angeline asked. She was now very confused.

"Why, of course, but I didn't send for you." He then paused for a moment and took a deep breath. "And Jerimiah is dead." Angeline was now very confused.

"But he's right here!" Angeline said, turning around. No one was there. She ran out the door to find Harold. She found him the stables. She looked up at her father.

"Daddy, he's shivering." Angeline said worriedly. It was August and it was a fairly warm night.

'I think we need to go see Jerimiah's mother." Her father told her.

'Knock, knock!'

"Just a moment!" Came a friendly voice fom inside the house. A fairly old women emerged from the front door.

"Hello" She said smiling. She frowned when she realized who it was.

"Mr. Manchester, how may I help you?"

"I'm sorry about this Mrs. Fern, but could we please go to see your son's coffin?"

"Um, sure.It's around the back."

"Thnk you Mrs. Fern" Angeline followed her father around to the backyard. She lifted the lid and was very suprised at what she saw. Her bandanna was around Jerimiah's head.

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Niagara Falls, NY
All My Stories
Posted On: August 28, 2005
ok weird but good
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