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Hi, my name is Tallie
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Blind With Love

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Created: 2004-12-18 15:27:00 All stories by
I remember clearly

The day you made me so happy.

You were standing right near me, so close to me

And when nobody was looking

You told me you loved me.

You made me the happiest girl alive that day.

We became regarded as the perfect couple.

Seeing us strolling the streets together was not unusual.

You always used to hold my hand

And gaze deep into my eyes

You made me think I was the prettiest girl in the World.

I guess you could say I was blind with love.

I was blinded by your beauty

By the fact you were flawless in every way possible.

I was blinded by your charm and grace

And the sweet things you whispered into my ears.

I was blinded by your thoughtfulness

The way you used to cheer me up whenever I felt sad.

I was blinded by my own true love

That made me feel so special, as if I were set above everyone else.

I guess that means that

On that fateful day last summer

I was too busy being blinded by your overwhelming love for me

To remember to wear my helmet

As I sat behind you on your brand new Harley-Davidson.

I guess I was too busy being blinded by your caressing touch

To notice the worried look spread across your face

I guess I was too busy feeling grateful for this holiday you were about to take me on

To feel the bike swerve abruptly off the roads.

I guess I was too busy thinking about the last time we kissed

To stop myself from flying over the handlebars and slamming into the ground.

I guess I was too busy to care

As my World steadily darkened, and my eyes fluttered shut.

I was too busy crying and vomiting over the toilet to come to your funeral

I was too busy taking a pregnancy test to visit your grave afterwards.

The doctor had to read me the results

Because back on that motorbike

I had been blinded by your love for me so much

But not enough for me to stop myself going physically blind.

The test was positive.

But the nurse helps me back to my hospital bed

On account of me not being able to see

After my eye was fatally scarred in the accident.

And now I'm not sure which is worse:

Being blind

Or not having you around to blind me.

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