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Hi, my name is Binkie
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Anything but ordinary. part 1

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By jojo_1 Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2014-01-18 01:12:13 All stories by jojo_1
My name is Binkie, and i recently moved to the small town of Witcheryville with my mum. Her and my dad got divorced about a week ago and she decided this was the right move for us. She got herself a part time job in a local gypsy shop doing psychic readings, a job in which she was fully qualified believe it or not.

I certainly didn't. I didn't believe the fact that she could communicate with the dead, or see the future or know things about people she'd never met. I never let her practise her work on me because it just didnt interest me at all.

After about a month of living in Witcheryville I began to notice that this town was Anything but ordinary. There was something off about the place, something I was missing. My mum became very popular at work and was soon promoted to one of the main 'gypsies' there.

She would come home exhausted at the end of the day and tell me all about the people she had met and helped find peace and closure with a dead loved on. I sat there and nodded mostly, not paying any real attention to what she was saying. Just pretending to have an interest in the things she did, so one day she couldn't just turn around and say I never listen to her talk about her amazing job and lifestyle.

It was also the fact that many of her stories didn't make sense to me. Like the one about little old lady Bernice Jefferson who lived on the corner of Shrill Lane who husband has recently passed away. Apparently the police were still deciding if he had passed away from natural causes or murder of some form. And mum helped solve the case by 'communicating' with him in the after life.

Even the police here believed the things my mother said. A man was arrested over the story she came up with.

Her and Bernice had settled into their third session together, and apparently there was another presence in the room, who told them to investigate the maid of the household who lived in the basement. The police were informed of this and went to check out the living quarters to apparently find enough evidence to put the maid away for life.

It didn't make sense to me how my mum knew this, but even Bernice said she felt the presence in the room, that everything felt more real then she expected.

I still dont know what to believe in this town, but i know im not going anywhere. So i guess im going to find out...

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United Kingdom
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Posted On: January 18, 2014
. You should keep posting. You're good.
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