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The Doll Palace posting sections (Forums and Guestbook) are available only to members of The Doll Palace. This was done to make posting sections more secure and have more control over the posting material. When you register with Doll Palace you are also getting access to all of ours personal section: Friends, Diary and Cards. The Doll Palace free standard account allows you to participate in our "Gallery" contest, take our IQ Test and use Dollmail system to exchange messages with other DollPeople.

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When you sign up for The Doll Palace account, you choose your personal Sign-In name. We will email you randomply generated password (you will be able to change it after you sign-in) to the email address provided during the registration. The only way you can access your account is by using the Sign-In name and password. This means that only you will have access to your TDP account, even if you use a computer at a public terminal or a friend's house. The Doll Palace is strongly committed to keeping your personal information confidential. For more information on our Privacy Policy, click here.

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You can upgrade your TDP standard account to premium level at any time. Premium level gives you a lot of additional tools and features on TDP. You can read more about membership in our manual sections.

Some features of Premium membership:

  • Access to our latest Doll Maker Dress Up Games.
  • Unlimited Doll Albums.
  • DollPoint Discounts.
  • File Manager to store your images at The Doll Palace.
  • Ability to create Doll Contests.
  • Pixel Art PixEditor (Pixel By Pixel Editor).
  • Premium Doll Makers.
  • Extended Candybar Maker (Zoom/Text/Transparency/Animation).
  • Personal Doll Makers (upload your own items / props).
  • Emily and Alexis Makers.
  • Create colored / blinking items or glittery / animated dots items in doll maker
  • Free 500 DP for DollPoint Shop
  • Extended Fashion Show options
  • Add up to 40 Personal Friends (15 for standard members)
  • Save up to 100 Personal Room designs in Room Maker (5 for standard members)
  • Use Personal Room designs in Avatar Chat
  • Dollz - Glamour Maker.
  • Silents Dollmaker.
  • Bonita Dollmaker.
  • Ability to create GIF images and export them into the GifWorks.
  • Smilies on Avatar Chat
  • Icon Maker that allows to create animated AIM icons in a single click.
  • Doll Palace Animator access allows you to create animated dolls using frames in the Filemanager.
  • Full Extended DollQuotes Maker and DollQuote Search.
  • More backgrounds for personal rooms in Avatarchat .
  • Category Layers in The Doll Palace Doll Maker (Ability to change the layer for the category).
  • Doll Maker right click functionality with advanced effects and ability to switch layers for single elements.
  • Multiple Servers for using The Dollmaker.
  • Multiple Font Types and Sizes for names in The Doll Palace Doll Maker.
  • Dollmaker Premium Local Items Package (Super Fast category load).
  • No banner under the doll in our Doll Maker.
  • Priority support.
  • Additional AIM and MSN Icons.
  • The Doll Palace Personal Templates.
  • The Doll Palace IQ Answers and detailed questions review.

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