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Paint is ery simple graphic editor that comes with Microsoft Windows.

First of all make sure you are using Windows (if you have "Start" button at the bottom left corner of the screen you are good). In most versions of windows you can start paint by two simple methods:

If you still can not find it, it was probably skipped during Windows installation. You will have to add it. Depending on version of windows you will have different choices, we will try to list most of them here. Click "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Control Panel". In Control Panel double click on "Add/Remove Programs". In next window click "Add/Remove Windows Components" or "Windows NT Setup". After this you will need to select "Accessories And Utilities" or "Accessories". Now if you see Paint, check it and click "OK", otherwise select "Accessories" and click "Details" you will find Paint there.

Now, when you have Paint open we will show you how to do bring picture into the paint.

Let's start from copying the picture into the clipboard. Almost any picture that you see on the web you can easily copy to the clipboard. For example we will take Currently on The Doll Palace Doll Maker section and copy to the clipboard first doll from the top. This section is dynamic (images change all the time), so in your case this doll will be different.

When you are in the Currently on The Doll Palace Doll Maker section move the mouse over the doll you like and press right mouse button (Make sure you pressed right, and not the left button). Pop-Up dialog will come up and you will have to select "Copy" from that dialog. Now the doll you selected is in windows clipboard and we can bring it to Paint.

Start Paint if you don't have it open, go to "Edit" -> "Paste". Now you finally have the doll you like in Paint and you can start working with it.


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