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Animated Doll

Have you ever seen cartoons? I'm sure you did.... Do you know how cartoons are made? Cartoons consist of many static images that are changing pretty fast. You can try those old tricks with thick notebook and slightly different images on every sheet of the notebook. When you will go through all the sheets fast enought, you will see the cartoon that you just have made.

So why did I start like that? Animated dolls are exactly like the cartoons. Each doll consists of a frames (each frame has a regular static doll on it). When frames are changing you see an animated doll. I will show you the one you definitely seen before... This is how our Natasha looks like when you split animation into frames.
And this is the selected from the animation above. This is frame number 6, that you see when Natasha is starting appearing in front of you. As you can see that almost each frame of this kind of animation has to be developed separately. But we will show you some of the tricks you can do designing it. For example you can reuse old frames like in this animation author started with lamp and then were copying this lamp into every other frame.
This is how finished doll looks like. Pretty nice, isn't it?


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