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Other Manuals on the Net
Veriria Palace
Extensive tutorials dealing with the creation of new and your own cartoon dolls, reads for non and palace users alike. You do NOT need the palace to follow the tutorials. Also info on the upkeep for your palace client and editing avatars in the palace client, plus links to numerous other cartoon doll web sites.
:: x a n d o r r a s :: p l a c e ::
Unique & original cartoon dolls, arranged into a wide range of categories. Plus, some cartoon doll tutorials and some blank doll bases!
Josie's Dollz
Nice tutorials for base bodies, hair and shading.
Several tutorials: MS Paint Basics, From Base to Doll, Using Animagic Gif, Curl Up and Dye(Hair Tut), Graphic Makers Wish List
Trinity's Tinies
Shading Made Easy, Realistic Hair, Color Palettes
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