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The Doll Palace IQ Monday - July 25, 2016

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    Personality Statistics   Psychodiagnostics - branch of psychology, detect individual features and determine prospects of personal development. It is theory and practice of psychological diagnosis targeting to solution of psychological problems.
      To the point, Psychodiagnostics originate from Greek psyche - "soul" and diagnostikos - "able to recognize". Therefore Psychodiagnostics means "ability to recognize a soul".
      Main method of Psychodiagnostics - testing. Professional tests should be:
    1 Valid - test should be able to measure exactly that characteristics on which it was targeted.
    2 Reliable - exactness of psychological measurements, minimal error of testing procedure. It leads to stability of testing results and to equivalence with other tests that are identical in form and goal of testing.
    3 Scientific - connection with fundamental reseach

    Today you can find tests of any theme and not all of them suits to above criteria.

    Tests usually give only some slice for current moment but most of man's features and behaviour able to dynamic changes.
    And there isn't test that would able estimate human person "totally". Monday - July 25, 2016
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