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  Britney Spears (Doll Article)
(October 09, 2007 by X_Nadine_jellybean Send DollMail )

OK. I have to admit. I was Britney Spears's #1 fan when I was seven. xDDD lol. So yeah. Yes I'm defending her.

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  WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW!?!?!?!?! (Doll Article)
(October 08, 2007 by never_more Send DollMail )

Seriously, has anyone else seen the new dolls that came out today? I just did, and I've got some questions...

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  The New Naruto Dollmaker (Doll Article)
(October 07, 2007 by NekiGaara Send DollMail Visit Website )

Wow is anyone amazed?

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  OMG! Shopping! (Doll Article)
(September 05, 2007 by CUT_andaction Send DollMail Visit Website )

Let's get shopping tips from a straight guy! That sounds fun!!

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  back 2 school coool (Doll Article)
(September 03, 2007 by yoshie Send DollMail Visit Website )

Now i know school already started but here are some tips on becoming gangsta or cool.

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  Back to Prison (Doll Article)
(September 03, 2007 by snowflakepudge Send DollMail Visit Website )

It's that time again, some people love, most dread. School, a.k.a Prison, Jail, Torture, etc. But Miss.Abercrombie here has the tips everyone wants for a school year, private AND public!

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  Pranks? (Doll Article)
(September 01, 2007 by Rhiannon100 Send DollMail )

Ok help needed here

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  WHAT IS UP WITH THIS? (Doll Article)
(August 28, 2007 by never_more Send DollMail )

Okay!!!!!! We get it!!!!!!! High School Musical (1&2) is very popular!!!!!!!! BIG WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we seriously talk about a wider variety of subjects now?
I know I'm not the only one saying Disney Shows need to step out of the spot light.

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Fashionista Clique - JOIN!! - Need Admins!
(August 23, 2007 by Ice_Lolly Send DollMail Visit Website )

Hello! I am Ice_Lolly and I am the owner of Fashionista a clique for girls who love fashion of all types. Right now I am really busy with my website and am the only owner active on this clique and I haven't been updating my clique. If you love fashion and are good with HTML (so you can design the clique) then please send me dmail to apply for a position of admin! I need someone who can be a little more active than I! And you have to be accepting of all fashion types! No bashing Goths, Preps, etc. To apply send me dmail with the subject line of Fashionista so I will know what you want! Thank you! And I hope you all join! We need more members!
  A Split Weight Issue (Doll Article)
(August 10, 2007 by CUT_andaction Send DollMail Visit Website )

When I saw a heath commercial about losing weight then the news program all about anorexia, I knew it had gone too far.

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  Difference Is Important (Doll Article)
(August 07, 2007 by babytink199 Send DollMail )

You're beautiful-skinny, perfect skin, perfect everything. But she's not, so you're going to tease her. Um... So you think everybody needs to be JUST like you? Guess again.

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  Icon Abuse?  (Doll Article)
(August 07, 2007 by SILLYx_LoveSongs Send DollMail )

My own personal opinion on the use of doll palace icons and animations.

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  Richie wants to do time at county jail (Doll Article)
(August 06, 2007 by melissa33156 Send DollMail )

LOS ANGELES - Nicole Richie wants to do her time in the Los Angeles County jail

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  Beauty Secrets Every Girl Would Like To Know (Doll Article)
(August 04, 2007 by alabamablonde13 Send DollMail )

Since summer's ending and school is approaching fast, I thought I would post some of my favorite beauty secrets to help all the girls look great as they get ready to start a new grade.

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  A Great Korean Game (Doll Article)
(August 04, 2007 by xJESSiCA Send DollMail Visit Website )

I was introduced to a great game at a summer camp I recently attended. Read to learn more.

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  Math book for teenage girls (Doll Article)
(August 03, 2007 by support Send DollMail )

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  Music Madness - Kate Bush (Doll Article)
(July 31, 2007 by Rhiannon100 Send DollMail )

Looking for some new music?

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  Sorry but I need to make it. Another HSM article. (Doll Article)
(July 31, 2007 by ilovezelda Send DollMail )

Yes once again HSM is brought into the mix! Please do not kill me.

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  HTML/CSS Codes (Doll Article)
(July 31, 2007 by babytink199 Send DollMail )

Having a difficult time with HTML? Yeah, alot of people are.
I'm not, but maybe you are.

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  girls look so ??? (Doll Article)
(July 30, 2007 by B1T3_M3 Send DollMail ICQ AIM YIM )

why do pop stars and posh girls always have perfect skin and hair ????

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