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Summer Swimsuit Lessons @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Summer Swimsuit Lessons (Doll Article)

(May 25, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Itís hard to hop into your swimsuit for the first time every summer. Now that school is drawing to a close, itís time to dust off your swimsuit or go and buy a new one Ė just be ready for the initial shock that comes with pulling on that spandex for the first time.

Preparation is Key

Before you pull on a swimsuit, you should be ready to look the part. This usually means shaving parts of your body you havenít shaved all winter. Get a new razor and get rid of all of the hair on your legs. Then, once youíve taken off your socks and shoes, go ahead and try on the swimsuit. Youíll likely be shocked by how pale your skin looks and you might notice a few areas where you need to tone up Ė fortunately, you can do that easily.

Making Plans for Swimsuit Season

The first time you pull on your swimsuit, itís going to feel funny and even look a little odd. Youíre just not used to actually wearing one after being so covered up all winter long. Put on your swimsuit the first time and then take it off again. Get that first shock over with and then you can start making some plans. If your tummy isnít as tight as it should be, start doing some crunches every night Ė just a week or two of crunches can tighten a tummy back up. If you need to lose a few pounds to make the swimsuit fit as well as it did last year, start eating a bit less and exercising.

The best swimsuit bodies are the bodies that look fit and toned. As you wait for the true swimming to start, get outside and start running or at least walking quickly. Exercise and healthy food choices are the best things you can do to improve your body shape and make yourself look and feet healthier. Thereís another benefit to starting an intense work-out pattern just as summer starts. The healthier you feel and the more physically fit you are, the less you care overall about looking good in your swimsuit. Youíll be more interested in how you feel than how you look Ė and youíll know you feel (and look) healthy.

Enjoying Summer

The hot summer months should be some of the happiest in the year. This is your time to enjoy being free of obligations and to get outside and enjoy the weather. Donít spend your entire summer worrying about how well your swimsuit fits. Itís better to enjoy yourself than shun the beach over perceived flaws in your physical features. You likely look far better than you can imagine in your swimsuit, but if worry about how the suit fits is getting in the way of you enjoying yourself, go ahead and get a pair of board shorts or a swimsuit that has a tummy panel to help make you look a bit smoother through the midsection.

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Posted On: August 15, 2011
true dat!
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