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Spring Fever! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Spring Fever! (Doll Article)

(April 15, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Have a serious case of Spring Fever? Me, too. Now the only thing we have to do is figure out how to keep that Spring Fever controlled enough to keep us out of trouble at school while we still get to enjoy this fun time of year.

Lovebirds in Action

Kissing games are great and all, but Iíve seen too much kissing around my school to feel comfortable with any of that sort of thing myself Ė despite spring fever. Iím a huge fan of kissing, of course, but Iím not a huge fan of smacking faces and swapping spit in the middle of the hallway. No, itís not jealousy; itís more about common sense. Itís not really that awesome to see anyone practically making out (or actually making out) so why would I want to have to wait on you to finish kissing to get into my locker or to move down the hallway. Letís all avoid this type of spring fever, shall we?

Get Outside!

Of course, there are plenty of parts of spring fever that we can really enjoy, like the burning desire to get outside and get active. The warmer weather always makes me feel like I need to go for long walks and maybe even a jog or two. These are the sorts of things that I can actually do now that itís warmer and I wonít have to deal with a lot of rain and the like. Bring friends with you outside and you can have a picnic or a day at the beach just enjoying the warm sunshine together.

Cleaning Out

Spring cleaning is absolutely a must for me every year as part of my spring fever. Once the weather warms up and I throw open a window or two for that sweet spring air, I realize how dingy and dusty everything is from the winter. I start my spring cleaning by cleaning my room and my bathroom. Then I start going through drawers, shelves and cabinets cleaning off the debris that I donít use any more and making boxes to give to others who might be able to use items.

Once the cabinets and shelves are clean, I start on the closet. Spring fever is a great excuse to do a serious purge in your closet. If you hate everything in there, why not get rid of it all? Keep enough of the stuff you tolerate to wear to school and then sell the rest at a second hand clothing shop. Use the proceeds to start an entirely new wardrobe and youíll look and feel great about your clothing and yourself.

New Season, New Look

Finally, I almost always use spring as a great time to get a new look. I make an appointment with my hair stylist and I get some highlights, a new cut and create a totally new me. A few new outfits, a fresh face of makeup and Iím ready to tackle spring in a fun way, public kissing or not.

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