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Romantic Ways to Spend Every Day @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Romantic Ways to Spend Every Day (Doll Article)

(February 14, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Whatís the big deal about Valentineís Day? Itís a created holiday Ė a fictional time that we all show our love for each other. Sure, itís probably romantic for a couple, but then so is virtually any other day of the year if you make it that way. Why not romanticize every day?

Meaningful Touches

One of the most romantic things you can do is to touch your boyfriend. This doesnít have to be a sexy kind of touch Ė in fact those touches are rather inappropriate most of the time, but instead try a simple touch like a hand on his arm or leaning your head against his shoulder. Reaching out and just making a connection helps to bring the two of your together. This is why holding hands seems so powerful. Just walking along, pinkies entwined, is enough to make you swoon on the first date. Why not enjoy that same power now?

Sweet Kisses

Too often we jump from a friendly hug to full-on-make-out-with-his-tonsils kind of kissing. Sadly when youíre doing that youíre missing the best kind of kissing Ė the gentle, sweet kisses. These kisses arenít premeditated and they arenít a big production. The sweet kiss is just a simple kiss that shows affection without a grand show.

If youíre not sure what a sweet kiss can be, why not practice it with your guy? A sweet kiss is somewhere between a peck on the lips and anything involving tongue. Think romantic thoughts about first kisses and youíll likely have it.

Share Notes

Do you remember back to junior high when you got your first note from a boy? It was fabulously exciting and you likely shared it with all of your friends. Those notes are still fun to get now, especially when they are unexpected. You can start things off by writing your guy a note and slipping it in his locker or tossing it on his desk as you walk by Ė very junior high.

Hopefully heíll catch on (especially if you write something really fun) and write you a note or two as well. This can be updated to include texting or emails, but personally, I think thereís just something really special about that handwritten note Ė it shows more initiative and care.

Try Something New

When you break out of your routine and try something new, youíre pulled a bit closer together by the simple newness of it. You donít have roles already laid out for you, so you can enjoy going somewhere new or trying out a new sort of play or concert together. Make plans and surprise him by taking him somewhere you think heíd enjoy or spend one week planning a big trip somewhere new the following week. Museums, concerts and outdoor areas are all open suggestions. Itís an adventure and nothing is more romantic than a grand adventure together.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: March 7, 2011
I love sweet kisses. On the forhead and cheek especially.

Something sweet I do is buy sweets for hubby on a whim. If I'm in the checkout and there's a line in front I'll grab on or two of his favorite candies, or sodas, and I'll slip them in his lunchbag every so often.

Also, leaving hearts is a small sweet gesture you can do. Out of paper, out of candy, out of napkins, etc.
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