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Play Nice this Holiday Season @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Play Nice this Holiday Season (Doll Article)

(December 24, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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It’s interesting to note that the holidays statistically bring out the worst in us. There are more fights and feuds developing over the holidays than at any other time of the year. Is it just random? Probably not. The trick to surviving and possibly evening enjoying the holidays this year is to simply play nice. Not sure how to be nicer rather than naughty? It’s actually very simple.

Treat Your Family like Strangers

You might be surprised at how polite you are to strangers when you step by to pay attention. Hopefully you don’t shove them out of the way in lines and you might even hold the door open for her if a mother or grandmother has her arms full. You smile and say, “Happy Holidays,” back to a stranger who says it on the street, and you probably don’t raise your voice or swear at strangers who take too long in line or who are stopped in front of you. Then consider, for a moment, how you treat your family members.

While you’re polite or at least tolerant of most strangers, how many times do you raise your voice or act irritated with family members? How often do you complain to or about them? How often are you just downright ugly or rude? If we all just took a step back to treat each other like strangers – politely and carefully rather than just laying it all out there all the time, we might all get along a bit better. Naturally this takes self control, which can be tricky, but having self control is never a bad thing to work on.

Get Some Space

While the holidays means you’re home, it also means you’re home a lot. This sounds good on the surface – especially when you’re facing down your last final, but in reality it means that you’re home for hours upon end, likely without much to do to occupy your time. If you have siblings or family members, they might be home, too. While everyone is holed up inside with nothing but boredom and anticipation built up, they start acting like irritable children. We pick, pick, pick at each other and every small thing seems to blow up into a big problem.

It’s far better to just walk away from your sister when she’s picking on you or ask to be excused when your mom is in a bad mood. Head up to your room to rest for a bit with some music, or pull on your boots and coat and go take a stroll. Getting outside not only clears your head in some snowy peace and quiet, but having space also lets you put things in perspective. You’re getting a break and so are the people you’ve left back home. And who knows, maybe when you get home again and everyone is rested and at peace, you can find a better activity to do together than bicker and fight.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: December 31, 2010
No comment, other than I was treated like a stranger this holiday season and I didn't like it.
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