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How To Tell a Boy You Like Him @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  How To Tell a Boy You Like Him (Doll Article)

(February 14, 2012 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Who doesnít love the feeling of romance in the air? But often the romance seems to be one sided and itís time to shape up and let him know you care if you havenít figured out how to do so already. And while youíre at it, why not be creative about your big message?

DO send a note. A quick note can be silly, serious or fun. Itís a bit old fashioned, but thatís part of the charm. Write down a little something and casually drop it on his binder as you walk by or put it in his locker. Just get the memo out and get out of there to cool down again.

DO message him. A message on Facebook or a quick text can be all it takes to get the party started where the two of you are concerned. You can easily start a conversation by sending something about class or a random question ďa friendĒ of yours has. (Hey! I forgot to write down the pages to read tonight Ė do you know what they are?) Simple, innocent if heís not interested and enough to get going if he is.

DONíT tweet him. This goes for posting on a wall as well. Things you write on Twitter or Facebook are public and that means the whole world can see you flirting with him. This might be fun if youíre into public displays of affection, but be prepared for the whole world to see his non-affection if it turns out heís just not that into you.

DO talk to his friends. Boys may be a bit obtuse, but they can clue into some of the romantic signals you might be sending out. Ask his buddies if they know where he is Ė you have his pencil and need to return it, etc. Then, they will probably (hopefully) relay the message that youíre looking for him and romance is off and running!

DO make eye contact. Look at him from time to time if youíre in the library or a class together. Donít stare at him like a creeper, but keep an eye on him. If he looks at you, which he should, or even if he just looks your way, make eye contact with him. It will be hard, but keep that eye contact and then smile deliberately at him. If youíre feeling bold, you can even wink at him. Thatís probably all the invitation heíll need.

DO invite him on a group thing. Going to a party this weekend? Invite him to tag along with all of his buddies Ė so long as itís appropriate, of course. Suddenly you have eight people at the movies or youíre meeting up with his group at Starbucks later. Itís the perfect chance to chat and actually get to know each other surrounded by safe friends.

DONíT send your friends. If youíre going to tell a guy you like him, you should woman-up enough to make the first move yourself. Even a smile is enough probably. Donít pull a junior high move and send over your best friend to tell him you like him. For a lot of guys this puts them on the spot and makes them uncomfortable. Plus it makes the whole thing feel rather silly.

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Dundalk Sparrows, MD
Posted On: July 29, 2015
Good advice~ though I don't really need it since I found my boyfriend. We been together almost.. for two years now. Though it may be long distance/rl relationship, our feelings are strong for one another.
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Posted On: December 24, 2012
I like nerds. I hang out with this "nerd" at school.well he doesnt have facebook,twitter,ect. I HHAVE HIS PENCIL OMGOMGOMG! Im never giving it back to him
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Tracy, CA
Posted On: December 8, 2012
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Tracy, CA
Posted On: December 8, 2012
i like a kid name azaiah hes at central scool in tracy he dosent no i have a crush on him how do i get him to be my boyfriend mone :icon4 : :i con7:
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Owensboro, KY
Posted On: October 1, 2012
I like this boy, we do laugh at each other, I am like to scared to tell him, I am afraid he'll laugh at me and tell everybody
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: September 14, 2012
Red X of Doom is back. Hope Support comes back to save the day soon!
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United Kingdom
Posted On: June 4, 2012
: kiss3: :love 2: :co mit: :mar ry: :icon559 : :ic on562: :icon56 4: :i con571:
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Posted On: March 29, 2012
Great advice! I love how you called it a "middle school move". That is SO true.
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