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Good Girlfriend Material? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Good Girlfriend Material? (Doll Article)

(September 20, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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It amuses me tremendously to see the movies about girlfriends back in the 1950s and 1960s. They were sweet things who were dedicated to their boyfriends and never did anything that would remotely be wrong. As much as I love Grease (both the first and the second), have you ever seen any of the girls be a problem? Not really Ė itís always the boys. But in reality, weíre just as much to blame for problems in a relationship as the boys are.

Together for the Wrong Reasons

Sometimes weíre with a guy for the wrong reasons and this can destroy not only the relationship, but a nice friendship as well. If youíre with a guy because you just want a boyfriend or if your friends told you to date him because heís so hot or so sweet, but youíre not really into him, youíre already in trouble. Sure, you might grow to love him or whatever, but whatís the point? Youíre not in an arranged marriage Ė so get out now while you can be honest and open with the guy. You might be able to save the friendship even if youíve destroyed the non-existent romance.

Youíre His Everything

On the flipside, there is such a thing as caring too much. If youíre overwhelming him and smothering him with his love, heís not going to appreciate it as much as you think he should. By smothering him, youíre going to keep him from doing anything for himself and you might even make it uncomfortable for him to be around you.

Itís hard to be with someone who is practically panting at your leg for acceptance and love, so please donít be that girl who is practically climbing in his lap hoping that heíll pat your head and praise you for a job well done. Itís one thing to do a few nice things because you care about him. Itís another to practically suffocate him with your overwhelming loving acts. Get a life of your own and keep a bit of balance in the relationship, please.

Youíre Not Exclusive

You can date multiple people, but you canít really have multiple boyfriends. Of course I guess you can if everyone knows that you collect boyfriends like some girls collect stuffed animals, but if youíre keeping your boyfriends away from each other to keep them all in the dark, youíre not playing fair. Being a girlfriend usually means being an exclusive girlfriend and your boyfriend is going to expect you to keep to that code unless he tells you otherwise.

If youíre in an exclusive relationship with someone, itís reasonable for everyone to expect you to turn down any other offers for dates. You shouldnít be dating other guys, flirting with them seriously or doing anything might make other guys think that youíre available. If someone does ask you about your boyfriend, please be honest and open about being with someone else. There has never been a solid relationship that started with a lie.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: October 10, 2011
I'm guilty of over-showering love. It can't be helped though, lol. One of my deep-set qualities is being thoughtful.
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