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  Gleeks Unite! (Doll Article)

(December 24, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Glee is one of my new favorite shows, even if the show is in its third season. Iíll readily admit I was a bit late to the Glee game, but now that Iím there Iím more into it than ever. I stumbled across the first episodes of Glee in the usual way Ė I found them on Netflix. Iíd heard good things about the show and I was curious. So I watched the first free episode and then I was hooked.

Gleeks and Glee

Like the many other Gleeks out there, I love the concept of the show Ė a bunch of high school kids come together to sing. Most of them donít like each other very much and there are a few love twists and turns throughout the first two seasons, but I donít want to give anything away. If we were looking at it from an analytical standpoint, you could make the case that the show is poking fun, or perhaps embracing, some serious stereotypes.

Social Issues

Glee deals both lightly and heavily with gay and lesbian issues. Somehow this seems to be exactly the right attitude to have as so many teenagers are dealing with the same issues in their own high schools in addition to the typical bullying and cliques.

One of the most popular characters Kurt Hummel is openly gay and by season three he is in a committed relationship. Another popular character, Santana, is a lesbian who seems to not be ready to admit her true inclinations to the world or even to her closest friends. Instead she continues a relationship with her best friend Brittney, who seems to be bi-sexual, and at least once Santanaís used another closeted individual on the show as her ďbeardĒ when she wants to run for prom queen.

While itís refreshing to watch the real issues teenagers deal with who are living lifestyles outside of the norm, the most impressive moment of the show came when Kurtís dad acknowledged his son was gay. After much concern, Kurt comes out to his father. Instead of the typical response you might expect from a tough bull of a father, Burt Hummel simply tells Kurt that heís known for years, but he thanks his son for trusting him enough to share now that heís growing up. That brought tears to my eyes, but I felt like cheering when Burt kicked his soon-to-be stepson, Finn, out for making homophobic remarks about Kurt.

Teens, Pressure and Cliques

The cast includes a wide range of characters from all walks of life. There are cheerleaders fighting for popularity. There are jocks and artists. There are drama kings and queens. The beauty of the show isnít just the singing and the fun relationships between the characters, although those are great aspects. The real draw is how real the drama really is despite the singing and the quirky relationships. Itís amazing that you can take the normal, often horrible things that happen in a high school, set them to music and have a show this relatable.

The songs performed by the groups during the shows seem like a real soundtrack that we can all relate to, and after getting hooked on Season One on Netflix and downloading all of Season Two on iTunes, this Gleek is most certainly ready for the rest of Season Three.

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Posted On: January 18, 2012
I don't like Glee. You can though!

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