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Fashion Hits and Misses This Fall @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Fashion Hits and Misses This Fall (Doll Article)

(November 18, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Fall is most certainly upon us now, and as the weather cools down, fashion is heating up! Finally, itís time to pull out the clothing that makes this season one of our favorites Ė a perfect temperature for showing off new clothing without having to cover it all up with a bulky snow jacket. Of course, thatís not to say that all fall fashions are outstanding this season Ė some are hits and some are definitely misses.

Boots are a Hit!

Who doesnít love a pair of tall boots? The boots we fell in love with last season are still here and looking great. Skinny jeans or pants tuck into leather or fur-lined boots and keep you dry and toasty all season long. Beware suede boots, however. As pretty as they are, itís almost impossible to keep them in peak condition once the rains and snow start in full force.

Tailored Jackets are a Hit!

You donít have to wear a suit jacket to look adorable. The newest puff jackets for this season enhance your figure in a darling way. They flare at the hip to help add some dimension and they nip in at the waist creating the perfect hourglass silhouette. With bold colors and fun plaids, how you cannot love the bright expressions to carry you through the season?

Polka Dots are a Miss

Youíll find lots in the way of polka dots this season, but beware. You donít want to wear head to toe polka dots unless they are the very small variety. They will overwhelm a small frame and give you a look that is a bit Minnie Mouse. If youíre going to wear polka dots, do so with a very tailored look Ė a pencil skirt with polka dots looks grown-up. A flounced mini skirt does not.

Rust and Mustard are a Hit!

Who doesnít love to watch the leaves change color? Now you can enjoy the colors of the leaves on your favorite tops and coats. Rust, or a dark reddish brown, is the perfect color for an untailored coat this season. If youíre loving the fall hues and you can pull it off Ė be careful, a lot of people canít Ė you can continue your love of the fall colors with mustard colored tops and goldenrod sweaters.

Camo is a Miss

Sure, Victoria Beckham might love it, but we donít. In most parts of the country, wearing camouflage isnít haute couture, itís hunting gear. Why would you want to bedeck yourself in a camo dress for Homecoming or Prom. You might blend into the foliage and never be seen again!

Long Skirts are a Hit!

Who doesnít love the comfort and style of a warm skirt? Especially if you pair it with your killer pair of boots? Maxi skirts are in, especially when you pair it with a long, comfortable sweater. Belt it at the waist and you have an outfit to last you all season long.

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Posted On: November 28, 2011
I love boots! My favorites are cowgirl boots though. But be aware of some other fashion misses from this year that may continue: Maxi sweater dresses. The look cute as mini dresses, but please for the sake of good fashion, shun the maxi's ok? AND leather shorts. Leather boots and jackets are fine, but shorts? No.
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