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Every Girl Should Get a Job! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Every Girl Should Get a Job! (Doll Article)

(January 20, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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It seems like Iíve always had a job. I donít actually Ďneedí one the way some of my friends did since my parents are generous enough to pay for my insurance and provide a car for me to use. I choose to have a job because it worked for me. Looking around, Iím wishing that more of my friends had a job, even if it was just something they did on the weekends.


The little jobs you get as your first job arenít earth-shattering. In some ways they are downright embarrassing. For many girls, we start out as babysitters. Then we might move on to working in fast food or if youíre really lucky, grabbing a spot at the mall or in a restaurant. Iíll be honest Ė my first job was working at a local fast food chain. I had a uniform and an outstandingly awesome hat to wear. I had a badge with my name on it, but that job taught me a lot about getting there on time, staying until my shift was done, following the rules and taking care of business. It was also the first time I cleaned a public restroom and I did learn a lot about how food in the industry is made Ė interesting stuff for sure.

Friendly Communication

Iím going to tell you a secret you should already know. You are not going to be friends with everyone. There are people you wonít like Ė often for no reason. And there are people who wonít like you for the same reason. However, knowing this, itís not an excuse to treat others with anything but friendly respect Ė especially if youíre getting paid to be the cheerful greeter in your neighborhood Applebeeís. When youíre forced to be nice to people as part of your job, itís easy to see how simple it can be and how much nicer it makes everything to fake politeness. Friendly (or fake-friendly) communication is one of the most important things I ever learned working part-time jobs. Iím convinced Iíll be using it forever.

Broaden Horizons

I donít know about you, but Iíve gone to the school with essentially the same kids for the last decade Ė or it feels that way. When you get a job and suddenly youíre spending time out ďin the worldĒ, you get an entirely new perspective on life. Iíve worked with adults who never had a chance to go to school because they were supporting their families. Iíve seen and learned from adults who wish they could go back and do things differently in school. Iíve made friends with far more people outside of school than in school, and itís very nice change to get out of the rumor-driven drama-land that high school can be.


Having a job makes you a better person. You get a better sampling of what real life is well before youíre expected to actually join it full-time. Itís like a sampling of what is to come or what might be, and there is nothing like working in a fast-food restaurant for six months to open your eyes to the merits of a high school and college diploma.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: February 13, 2011
First jobs I had; a paper round and babysitting. XD I was thirteen when I got the paper round and fourteen when I started babysitting.

Best job ever, babysitting; you're basically getting paid to watch TV and eat snacks. XD
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: February 11, 2011
You're tellin' me! My first job was at the local McDonald's...I had this AWFUL IN-YOUR-FACE-RED shirt that was required to wear and these totally embarassing man-pants I had to wear. Bleh.

Luckily, and I will say that again, LUCKILY, I never had to clean the public restroom. I don't know why? Maybe they thought I was too girly and just didn't bother xD

That all changed with my second job X_x

I was in the "Enviormental Services" department of a retirement complex (not home, these were rich retirees that owned apartments and houses on this hotel-resort-like retirement thing). Yeah...Enviormental Services is just a really nice way to say toilet scrubber. Just fan-freakin-tastic. There was this one old man...who, oh God, had a blow out. I convinced someone else to clean that one for me, lol. But I loved working with the residents at least. And I did more than toilets, we cleaned entire houses, but I'm guessing the toilets were payback from my lack of experience from my first job. xD
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