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Easter Candy! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Easter Candy! (Doll Article)

(March 11, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Oh, how I love Easter candy. Years ago the Easter bunny would visit and heíd always bring me such yummy treats. Today Iíve resorted to buying my own. Like all of us I have some favorites, but a recent discussion with friends made me realize that not everyone shares the same opinion I do on the merits of Easter candy. In particular, one of my friends hates jelly beans and the Cadbury eggs. I was shocked!

Jelly Beans

Easily the most recognizable of the Easter candies, jelly beans have taken on a new life in the past few years. It seemed like, growing up, there were only the basic jelly beans. They came in the pink bag and were all delicious Ė excluding the black ones, of course. Okay, Iím not crazy about the purple ones either. These original jelly beans were joined by an assortment of new fangled jelly beans. The Jelly Belly beans are okay, but there are too many flavors for me. The Starburst jelly beans are too intense for my liking. Iím really just a simple girl at heart. I want the basic, old fashioned jelly beans. No substitutes will do.


Another classic Easter tradition, the Peeps are the tiny marshmallow creations coated in sugar and coloring. Shaped like little birds or bunnies, the Peeps are now around for every major holiday, but to be honest, I donít like them at any time of the year. Iím not a big Peeps eater, but I have a friend who loves them. I do like how adorable they are with their little sugary colors all in a row, but my admiration stops at the colors, which, you have to admit, are very festive for the holiday.


Iím not talking about the plastic eggs you race around to find after the Easter bunny drops them off. Iím referring to the many types of candy that is available and shaped like an egg. The Cadbury eggs are most famous for the chocolate exterior and the ooey, gooey center. With a creamy caramel in the center, these bad boys are delicious, but they can be too rich if you eat them at the wrong time. When you go to crack open a Cadbury egg, youíll need to be ready to eat the entire thing in one sitting. The yummy goo in the middle doesnít sit around well, so approach the egg with an empty stomach and a napkin, just in case.

The Chocolate Bunny

Finally, the quintessential treat of the Easter season. Every Easter basket out there must contain a chocolate bunny. The chocolate bunny can be large or small, but itís well known that heíd better be hollow and heíd better still have his ears when you get to him. Your first step, of course, will be to remove the ears from the bunny. But, hey, once that bunny finds his way to you, itís your right, privilege and honor to bite his ears off.

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