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Cooking Basics: Why Every Girl Should Cook @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Cooking Basics: Why Every Girl Should Cook (Doll Article)

(October 06, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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It's almost blasť to talk about girls cooking these days. We've done away with the home economic classes and today it's more important for girls to learn how to run businesses and handle complex computer models. I'm certainly not going to debate that since I happen to believe those things are critically important, too, but I sincerely wish that there more cooking classes offered in high school. After all, surely there is something to be said for a well-rounded, self-sufficient generation of women. Right now Iím not sure weíre on the right track.

Learning to be Independent

Getting out on your own can be a bit tricky, and even before you're on your own you are probably leaning to whip up your own meals and learning how to make healthy snacks for yourself after school or on the nights that your parents are busy with meetings or working late. Of course in all honesty you're more likely thinking about running out to the fast food place for cheap food that's quick and delicious. Sadly we've lost cooking as an art form and I think it's time we got it back.

Classes at school would help, but there is enough information out there for us to find our way through the murky waters of the culinary arts. The internet is bursting with information we can use to learn how to cook, and television shows and online videos help, too. Simply checking out a cook book or picking up the basics on at half-price books can be a serious step in the right direction.

Cooking Classes

If your high school doesn't offer culinary or food science classes, itís not the only one. What is still offered in many communities, however, are evening cooking classes, usually though community colleges. Many of them are basic classes that will teach you the basics of cooking foods and using the stove and oven. You'll learn how to season foods and measure as well as follow recipes and gain experience. Once you've mastered the basics of cooking, you'll move on into the more advance classes that are specialty types of cuisine. You can learn how to cook French or Italian foods. Who knows - you may decide you love to cook and decide to make it your specialty. You can go on to culinary schools or restaurant and hotel management programs that will let you enjoy your new program as a career.

Even if you don't go on to become a famous or at least a satisfied chef, you still can focus on the food you prepare for yourself and your family after learning to cook. Studies have shown repeatedly that there are huge health and social benefits from cooking and serving your own home-cooked meals. Make food for yourself and others and you'll start spending more time together as family while also trimming a huge amount of fat, salt and calories from your diet. You'll feel better, probably look better and have a pretty amazing set of skills to show off at will. That certainly tastes great, at least!

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Posted On: April 19, 2012
we all want courses at school i mean as its important fr a grl so she should learn at school
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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 11, 2011
I agree. There should be courses at school on how to plan a budget, and how to cook.

As for saying cooking is women's work, well, say that to Gordon Ramsey and he won't be very pleased. XD
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: October 10, 2011
O.h j.oy. Ano.ther "ba.d wo.rd" I'm una.w.are of. Please ex.cuse all the and ran.dom peri.ods. *rollseyes*

I really wish those were of.fer.ed when I went to school, I would have LOVED them!

It really is ridi.cul.ous that people are so to cat.agori.ze a's "duty", but seriously? Taking away a valuable from scho.ols is hur.ting BOTH genders. Sure, girls were more likely to take the cla.s.s, but then shouldn't we be getting rid of *ga.sp* gen.der-related for the boys too?

I'm a hous.ewi.fe. I'm proud of it. I can cook a dinner, bake ext.ra.vega.nt cre.ations, and more. It's my number one best as.pir.ation. I had to learn it all on my own, but it was well worth it. Does that mean I'm not all for equality? That's abs.urd. Ri.dicu.lous. People need to eat, give us back our courses on how to survive LIFE, boy or girl, and leave "" out of it. Yeesh.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 9, 2011
I couldn't agree more. My mum taught me how to cook when I was a kid, and I think it's very important for people to be able to cook for themselves, especially once they leave home and live by themselves. There's no use in living off ready meals and takeaways; it's not too bad to have one every so often, but both are chock full of salt and fat. So it's much better to cook meals from scratch. And much healthier, too.
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