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Cheap Summer Fun @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Cheap Summer Fun (Doll Article)

(July 01, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Even with a decent summer job, itís hard to come up with the cash to spend on many of the things youíd like to do this summer. Going to the movies cost almost $15 Ė without the popcorn and drink. A trip to the water park can set you back almost $50. Even a quick lunch out with your friends adds up to more than $10 in a matter of minutes Ė do that a few times a week and your paycheck is all but gone. With rising prices and minimum wage, what we need most are fun summer things that are cheap, or even free!"


Why not have a picnic with your friends? Itís as free as the stuff in your panty right now. Dig around and come up with something you can share. If your friends all do the same, youíll have plenty to munch on at the park or anywhere you deem worthy of a picnic adventure.


Take a trip to the beach. Skip the expensive parking for the private beaches and look for a state park. You might look online to see if there are any in your area. Beaches on a lake or the ocean are all fun if youíre there with friends. Bring a bottle of water or two and an old beach towel Ė youíre set for the whole afternoon!


Sure itís hot, but what better time to explore your area? Cram as many friends as there are seatbelts in a friendís car. Drive out to the nearest hiking trails or nature preserve. Spend the day hiking along the trails and discovering wildlife in its natural settings or just have fun throwing rocks in a stream along the way. If you have to go far, have everyone chip in $5 for gas and you can make a mini-road trip out of it.


Spend more than a day in nature by camping. Borrow a tent from your family or see if a friend can. Grab some blankets and sleeping bags, some marshmallows and a few hot dogs and youíre set for a grand adventure. Campgrounds arenít usually free, but at less than $20 per night, a group of four can easily afford a great weekend together.

Movie Night

Itís not the movie you see half the time that is so fun Ė itís the hanging out with your friends that makes it special. Recreate the event by inviting your friends over for a weekly movie night. Each week find a movie that everyone needs to see Ė it could be a classic horror film, a cult favorite like the Rocky Horror Picture Show or a tears and love fest from the 1980s. Whatever it is, settle down with some popcorn and drinks and enjoy it together.

Local Events

There are often any number of fairs and special events over the summer months. Look around in your area for the Greek Festival, the World Food Festival, the Summer Kids Fun Day or anything of the like. It may be crowded, but for a reasonable admission fee, you can have a full day of food, fun and memories.

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Posted On: July 26, 2011
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