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Be More Naughty Than Nice! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Be More Naughty Than Nice! (Doll Article)

(December 31, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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The holidays are here again, and itís time to let the best of you really shine. For many of us, that means itís time to let your naughty side out a bit. If youíre like me, youíve just spend the last month rushing around to finish essays and papers before you settled down to study for your exams. Now that exams are finished and youíre ready to shop, eat, relax and enjoy your friends, go ahead and cast off your mantle of a good school girl Ė live a little!

Being Naughty!

Naughty girls definitely have more fun, but thatís not an excuse to don a ski mask and hold up your local liquor store. Thatís criminal behavior and not much fun at all. Being naughty just means youíre stepping on or a bit over the line that you nice girls might not usually cross. Maybe youíre normally very shy around boys. Being naughty might mean you don a short skirt and some pouty red lips for a serious flirt session with the boy youíve liked for years. Or maybe youíll finally stand up for yourself when your older sister tries to blame you for something she didÖagain.

Being naughty is fun because itís a time to let your inner self come out. Now, itís not a great idea to let your wild inner being free all of the time, but suppressing your urge to laugh, walk out of a movie or say no to yet another request from a friend doesnít make you a bad person. It makes you bold and daring. And you can be just a bit naughty without being rude or degrading to others. Think of it as standing up for yourself first and foremost.

Trading in Nice for Naughty

How refreshing would it be to not have to worry all the time about saying just the right thing or doing just the right thing? You might just be able to live life without the pressure of being the nicest girl around. Being nice all of the time can actually be rather stifling. You get into a mold of niceness and then you canít ever get out again. Youíre literally stuck in an image you created for yourself whether you wanted it or not.

When you are stuck like that in a revolving record of niceness, itís a bit of relieve to break free and do something a bit shocking. You might turn in your homework late or only study a little bit for a test. You might stay out late on a school night or wear a shirt that you wouldnít normally wear because itís a bit too revealing. Even if you wear the shirt under a cami, you still get credit for wearing it! Why not use this New Year to reinvent yourself. Leave the old goody-gumdrops nice you behind and make yourself just a wee bit naughty. Youíll be more fun and you might even like you just a bit more, too.

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