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A Killer Smile @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  A Killer Smile (Doll Article)

(September 08, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Every girl should have a killer smile, but often getting the smile we want isnít as simple as putting a bit of Vaseline on your teeth and showing off some pearly whites. There are countless things that can go wrong with a great smile Ė some of which are under your control and some of which arenít. For example, you can do a lot with whitening at home, but you canít do much about an overbite.

Clean and Shiny

Every girl can make her teeth clean and shiny at home. This is as simple as good dental hygiene practices. Start by brushing and flossing your teeth in the morning and the evening. If you can bring along a toothbrush and brush a bit after lunch, thatís even better Ė or you might just brush them when you get home in the afternoon to get that third brushing in.

When you brush your teeth, use an electronic toothbrush that will help buff and polish your teeth as it moves across your mouth. The choice of toothpaste is important, too. You should be using toothpaste that has some serious whitening power. The more often you brush with the whitening toothpaste, the more dramatic the results will be. Having clean teeth and fresh breath, even if your teeth are crooked, is the most important part of your smile.

Brighter and Whiter

There are serious bleaching kits that are available for home use at the local grocery or drug store. These kits can remove stains and help to minimize or even eliminate the effects of coffee stains and dark sodas, which can both stain teeth. If you can, start drinking dark soda through a straw. This will keep the caramel coloring away from your teeth where it can do the most damage. You can also fight back directly against the stains on your teeth by brushing every day, multiple times, and then using tooth whitening strips.The tooth whitening strips are usually used once every week or every two weeks. Simply fold the strip over your teeth after a good brushing and the cleaning agents will help remove some of the current stains and spots on your teeth to reveal a brighter, whiter finish just a few minutes later. The strips work well and have excellent results, but they also require almost constant use every few weeks for the same effect. If youíd rather not use the strips at home, you can save up your nickels and go in for a serious bleaching session at the dentist as well to make your teeth seriously whiter and brighter without veneers as well.

Braces and Dental Work

Many of us need braces at some point in our adolescent life, and if you need them, do what you can to get them. Having braces might be uncomfortable for the six months or a few years that you have to wear them, but having a mouthful of straight, correctly spaced teeth is truly priceless because with teeth like that, youíll absolutely know that you have a killer smile Ė every time.

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