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3 Great Things I Learned From Boys @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  3 Great Things I Learned From Boys (Doll Article)

(February 20, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Boys are so very, very different from girls. I donít think one gender is really better than the other (just kidding Ė girls are!), but there is a lot to learn by just hanging out with guys for a while. You canít flirt with them or even interject your opinion into things, and itís not as true if youíre a guyís girlfriend. This is only the sort of stuff you can learn when you have legitimate guy friends.

Boys Know You Donít Have to Talk About Everything

You can be around boys for hours and not hear more than a few words spoken. Out of those three words two are probably inappropriate to write here and the third is something like, ďCool.Ē Guys are capable of deep meaningful discussions and they enjoy them, but they donít have to talk about everything. When a guy is upset he leaves the room, cools down and comes back. Then the group of guys picks up the controllers and resumes a game. A word might not be spoken at all, but they all know the upset friend is fine, now.

Compare that with girls. When a girl gets upset, she might leave the room, or she might stay and give everyone the silent treatment. Then either sheís going to talk about it or her friends are going to talk about it for her. The idea of cooling down and just moving on is totally foreign to us, but I wish it wasnít. There are days when Iím just grouchy, and Iíd love to just have a day off talking about it and just get through it. Guys definitely have that one figured out.

Boys Arenít Afraid

If a guy wants to do something, he does it Ė so long as heís with his buddies. Heíll be a bit more cautious in front of a girl he wants to impress, but normally guys do things that we think are outrageous -jumping off roofs, breaking the rules, testing the teachers and speaking up in times that the rest of us are paralyzed.

Boys are natural risk takers Ė itís a brain thing spurred on by his group of friends and social status. Girls are naturally risk adverse. Iím sure it has to do with staying safe to bring about new generations of humans. But today it means that we donít always risk trying something new or we feel uncomfortable standing up for ourselves. We shy away from confrontation when we might really benefit from putting ourselves out there. This is one area I definitely want to break out of my box and push myself to succeed in new ways.

Boys Lead Simple Lives

Life for a boy is simple. He is either a leader or a follower, and thereís no shame in either one. Boys are truly pack animals and there tends to be one friend in charge and the rest fall into their places in the pack around him. Each usually has a role to play. Girls are fighting constantly for position within cliques and circles. We rearrange our groups all the time and we donít blend friends sometimes because we know there would be problems.

Guys donít have to waste brain power trying to figure out stuff like this. They donít lay awake at night thinking of who their best friend really is and worrying about hurting someoneís feelings by declaring that friendship with a special new charm bracelet. They want to do something, and they do it. They want to eat something new and they do so. They want to hang out with someone new, no problem Ė the group just fits that newbie into the hierarchy and moves on easily. I wish girls would be that simple.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: March 7, 2011
There were many a times I was jealous of my tomboy sister. She was an equal amoung the boys while I fought my way to stay on the good side of the girls. I agree that's definately something to envy, their social life.
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