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Now Dollmaker Dress-Up Game with Keyboard Controls!!! (More...)
Select the categories you would like to use on Cartoon Doll Maker Dress Up Game. The more categories you select, more time it will take you to load the dollmaker. You can combine categories from multiple doll maker tabs. We are constantly updating our dress up games... make sure you check new dressups under "Dollz" tab.
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  Dress-Up Categories
  Dress-Up Categories
Accessories Large (Premium)
Accessories Large (Premium)   
Accessories Small (Premium)
Accessories Small (Premium)
Base (Premium)
Base  (Premium)   
Dresses (Premium)
Dresses  (Premium)
Eyes (Premium)
Eyes  (Premium)   
Hair Dark (Premium)
Hair Dark  (Premium)
Hair Light (Premium)
Hair Light  (Premium)   
Makeup (Premium)
Makeup  (Premium)
Pants (Premium)
Pants  (Premium)   
Shoes (Premium)
Shoes  (Premium)
Skirt (Premium)
Skirt  (Premium)   
Socks and Shorts (Premium)
Socks and Shorts  (Premium)
Top (Premium)
Top  (Premium)   
Wings (Premium)
Wings  (Premium)
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