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Dream Guy - Hot and Romantic Guys dress up game.

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Dress up Hot Guys Dolls in many different outfits, change their hair, style, accessories and show them to your friends. Save the doll and use HTML code for Myspace profiles or forums and pages, use doll-edit code to share your doll and this dress up game with your friends.
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Almost every girl has a dream guy. Often that dream guy is a montage of other men in her life and a few celebrities thrown in for good measure. A dream guy will almost never come true, but that's not the point - this is about a dream, after all.

To create a dream guy, a girl usually starts with her crush. He might be a boy in school or a celebrity. She then starts tweaking features until he is ideally suited for her. He might become taller or less bulky. He might take up the guitar or become a painter. A girl's dreams are personal and should never be limited by something as annoying as reality.

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