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Greek Mythology - Greek gods and goddesses doll maker

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Dress up Greek goddesses Dolls in many different outfits, change their hair, style, accessories and show them to your friends. Save the doll and use HTML code for Myspace profiles or forums and pages, use doll-edit code to share your doll and this dress up game with your friends.
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The gods, goddess and legends that make up Greek Mythology are more than a religion. For an entire civilization thousands of years ago, it was a way of life. Myths told tales that explained the origins of life, or fire, of the seasons.

Immortal beings walked the earth and watched the coming and going of humans, nymphs and monsters from their thrones on Mount Olympus. While the gods were considered greater, the goddess of Greece wielded the most power - often over their husbands as well as the earth and lesser beings.

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