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Hippie Doll Maker - Create peace dolls

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Dress up Hippie Dolls in many different outfits, change their hair, style, accessories and show them to your friends. Save the doll and use HTML code for Myspace profiles or forums and pages, use doll-edit code to share your doll and this dress up game with your friends.
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During the late 1960s and 1970s, many felt that there were tremendous benefits to shunning commercialism and returning to nature. These flower children were nicknamed hippies. The hippies were a broad group of individuals that have as many differences as they do similarities.

Hippies felt strongly about protecting the environment. They wore natural fibers and tried to live off what the earth provided. They were a social group and formed communes and camps. Some hippies experimented with freedom including free love and freeing the mind through drug experimentation. But the part of the hippie movement that lives on today is the focus on helping the world around us rather than harming it.

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