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Don't you think that a lot of people share your ideas and goals? TDP Clubs gives you ability to bring together different people to create your own community. You can participate in many cliques at the same time, but you can only join single club.
All created clubs and cliques have to follow TDP Terms Of Use. We do not allow any sexually related material. The Doll Palace will be enforcing this rule and completely blocking access to the accounts that disregard our policy.
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Total Club Funds:    58396 DP
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Waste Your DOLL POINTS  
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Welcome to WURDPS

Welcome to WURDPS

The sign screams at you to pay it some attention. Its wails increasing as you cover your ears and glare at it with your best impression of The Hulk. The piece of board, standing on a spindly stick jutting from the uneven and terribly cracked ground, seems to blink at you as it watches. You frown as the worn words of the sign begin to dance backwards and forwards, around and around, until they're coiling together and making a pitiful black mess. You frown, doubting them being words at all, considering they look a lot like crudely drawn black worms. They look like those worms that don't know how to sit still - and yet, they don't do anything other than sit still. You have come to realise that, here in TheDollPalace, nothing is what it seems to be, yet everything seems to be exactly what it is. You sigh as you glance at the sign again - it has taken a break from the squirming dance of its word-worms and is now simply moaning and groaning and spelling bad words to insult you, most likely.

Before today, you had no idea that signs wailed, screamed or moaned and groaned. But in this day alone, you've come to work out a lot of things. Like, well, you don't really know what you've learned right now - but you know you've learnt something. You've been running around like a moron, holding your hands over your head to keep from being eaten by the creatures in the Story Section. And now, you've stumbled here, to a place that looks rather worse than a rubbish dump (although, it seems much better). Not that you can really tell, because there are so many flashing lights you'll probably wind up blind. It looks like someone attempted to make the place festive, but has only succeeded in covering it from head-to-toe in fairy-lights.

You stumble forward and collide with something that seems to be made of rock. Staring down at you is a petite blonde, her face covered in war-paint and her clothing similar. She's holding onto what looks to be an arm, an arm that is clutching at a ropey handbag. She begins to shake her head in distaste as you back away, colliding once more with somebody else. This person, however, isn't clutching an arm. She's kind of sitting, and yet, she's standing. Gigantic black wings arch from her back and she's holding onto what looks to be a notebook. You peer at the brunnette's word, noting that she's jotting down everything you're doing. You hurry away from her, only to collide again. By now your head is hurting. A pretty blonde girl stares at you, big blue eyes wide, before she transforms into a stunning horse and beckons you onto her back. You let out a squeak and day away. This time, you don't run it anyone. The shrill throb of music somehow keeps you from doing that. And before you is a stunning girl holding what looks to be a guitar.

You shake your head, turn, and stare at the army of creatures that have suddenly surrounded you. Men, all dressed in women's clothing, smile at you. They wave, they laugh, and the point at the misshapen building behind you. You're about ready to cry as they begin to move forward, forcing you back. They're going to hold you captive! You wince as you swung around, stumbling through the door. The doorknow licks at your palm as you turn it and, fighting a scream, you stumble inside.


This impressive club was made when one very intelligent individual (CanITellUSmThin) saw a need and decided to fill it. Many people have already bought everything TheDollPalace had to offer, all the little extra items for the dollmakers and the like, and notice that her DollPoints continued to rise. There was really no need for this, she'd already bought everything, so what else could she do to get rid of the blasted things? So, for other members like her, she created a club. A club that she hoped, eventually, would reach number one on the Clubs Board. Really, all she wanted was a place to dump her DollPoints, because they weren't doing anything.

A Karbie, for those of you too sheltered to know, is somewhat like a Barbie. Except, they're male. Kind of like cross-dressers, except much prettier. CanITellUSmThin created them, for whatever reason, and since the Karbies have stuck around (probably planning to take over TheDollPalace in the near future, perhaps).


CanITellUSmThin - Queen Karbie.

Water_demon - Awesome Karbie.
Izzy_zy_Rocker - Rocking Karbie.
LyingNaked - Karbie of Words.

Coming Soon!

Other Informaton

Club Stats
Created by: CanITellUSmThin.
Created on: October twenty-second, 2007.
Club Funds: 57, 883 DPs.
Rating: Nineteen.

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Posted On: December 26, 2009
Some of the dollmakers are okay. I can't find any
decent ones elsewhere, anyway. I like the Shuni

Hm. I know what you mean.

Netherlands, The
Posted On: December 19, 2009
I actually don't feel like joining.
I mean, I only came here for the people, since the
actual dollmakers here suck XD
And I've got most of my friends from here on msn.
I say most.
I need to get a hold of a few more, but I think
they've all left the site long ago.
Not like it means a lot though, I rarely talk to
anyone, because it's so awkward. O.O
I should stop that.
I should just talk to people.

Posted On: December 19, 2009
Apparently, TDP is shutting down. So, soon, it
'probably' won't even be up. There's a major post
on the forums or something.

You should join Orii's site, Iz.

Or, Rina has one.

Right now, Post Script is more actve. But, hopefully,
Rina's will get there. Cani's on Post Script - if
that helps pursuade you to join. I tried to get Kelps
to - trough Gaia - but she hasn't replied...

Netherlands, The
Posted On: December 18, 2009
Hey, I had completely forgotten about this entire
The club is begging for my dollpoints.

Posted On: November 15, 2009

Waste yoUR Dollpoints.

Can't remember the rest. But,bascally, Cani
[CanITellUSmThin] made the place as a resort to dump
your DPs when you'd bought all the add-on things for
dollmakers and such. She wanted to take over the Club
secton, by raising the most DPs. Then she left. Kind

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Club Stats
Created: Oct 22, 2007
Members: 5
Total Club Funds: 58396 DP
Rating: 19

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