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Our Audience
We currently receive over a million unique hits a month and our traffic is increasing every day. We offer our dvertisers access to young people residing in the major metropolitan areas of the United States. This very specific audience is virtually inaccessible through other media and other more conventional websites.

Traffic Statistics
Last 20 MonthsUnique Visitors
  Dec    1704  
  Feb    659724  
  Mar    1090750  
  Apr    1105414  
  May    1130171  
  Jun    1307797  
  Jul    1513816  
  Aug    1359895  
Traffic statistics provided by SpyLog and Extreme Tracking

Advertising Rates
We have a flat monthly rate for our 125x125 spots on the front page. According to our statistics, your banner will be shown more than a million times a month. This makes very low price for the banner position compare to CPM pricing. (With CPM-based advertising you pay for each time your banner ad is actually shown, and seen by someone. With The Doll Palace, it is a flat rate, so you do not have to worry about how many people visited us and saw your banner.) Our advertising software allows you to easily mange your banners and have click through statistics.

How To Submit Ads
  1. Create one or more banner ads (size of 125 X 125 [static gif or jpg images]. We do not accept animated banners.). Multiple ads are encouraged to reach more viewers and get higher click through rates.
  2. Email us (Email your banners to this email address the ad (banner, url and description).
  3. Send payment via PayPal to Send your PayPal payments to this email address
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